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Currently Loving: Dewy Skin

Currently Loving: Dewy Skin
7 Tips to Achieve an Overall Glossy Look this Summer
Photo: Imaxtree

Skin is in this season! Considering OFRA Cosmetics is a skincare brand that incorporates skin-loving ingredients into our makeup, one of our favorite beauty looks from this season’s runway shows is natural glowing skin. Below we have compiled our best tips to achieve a seamless dewy look, perfect for braving the summer heat. Read on to learn about this effortless and trending makeup look.

Tip 1: Cleanse

A great makeup look always starts with clean skin. First, apply a hydrating cleanser like our Foaming Kiwi Cleanser or try OFRA’s trusted Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser for those with acne or problematic skin. Vitamin C is a wonderful addition to a skincare routine because it livens up the skin, especially when using massage techniques during cleansing.

Tip 2: Treat

If you haven’t treated your skin to a facial in a while, you might want to consider a no-fuss at home treatment to lift away any dead skin cells, revealing a brighter and overall more youthful complexion. We recommend giving your skin some TLC with a gentle peel or mask. For normal to oily skin, try OFRA’s Vitamin A & C Peel Off Mask which is specifically designed to brighten complexions. Have dry or sensitive skin? Try our Soft Pearl Peel – a gentle exfoliating cream that will remove dead skin cells without stripping away natural oils. Follow up with OFRA’s Moisture Repair Mask to rehydrate skin.

Tip 3: Nourish

The basic recipe for dewy skin is ensuring your face is properly moisturized. Apply our B5 Moisturizing Serum for an instant surge of moisture. This unique product is extremely lightweight upon application yet provides an incredible amount of hydration suitable for all skin types. Make sure to pay extra attention around the eye area, massaging a bit more serum around this delicate spot for an immediate dewy effect. If you are creating this look for daytime, always apply a protective moisturizer such as our Vitamin C Cream with SPF20.

Tip 4: Conceal

That’s right… we’re skipping primer completely! For those of you who CANNOT live without the priming step, we suggest the Silicone Primer Gel to maintain your hydrated skin. Our BB Cream Tinted Moisturizer will even skin tone and provide that much needed break from foundation many of us crave. This look is all about letting your natural beauty shine through so don’t feel the need to conceal every little imperfection.

Tip 5: Highlight

Strategic highlighting elevates you from simply appearing well-moisturized to looking like a “no-makeup makeup” pro. Apply our Cheeky - Cheekbone Enhancer to (you guessed it) your cheekbones, brow bones, nose bridge and cupid’s bow for subtle yet effective illumination.

Tip 6: Pop of Color

Let’s face it. This isn’t the most colorful makeup application so adding a flush to the cheeks and pop of color on the lips will even out this super natural look. OFRA’s Liquid Blush is a great alternative to powder in the summer months and offers a foolproof application. Simply dab a small amount onto the apples of your cheeks with your ring finger making sure to massage the pigment into the skin so that only a sheer pop of color remains. Volulips is a lip plumper that is available in four beautiful gloss shades for your pout. This combination creates the ultimate youthful result and ties the entire look together.

Tip 7: Set & Spray

Using a setting spray such as our Makeup Fixer will not only help your makeup to last but ultimately provides a final hydration boost , locking in all of that moisture your skin loves.

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Written by Justine D’Addio - OFRA Team Member


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