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How to Sweat-proof Your Makeup


How to Sweat-proof Your Makeup



Summer is nearly here and the sweltering heat and humidity are ramping up. You need your makeup to have maximum staying power while exercising, enjoying the beach, playing with your kids and commuting to work. What can you do to keep your makeup coverage flawless while maintaining its longevity throughout the muggiest of summer days?


Here are ten OFRA tips:


1. Spritz on OFRA’s Makeup Fixer setting spray before and after you apply makeup to prevent it from melting off while hydrating and protecting your skin from external damage.

2. Have oily prone skin or an extra shine by midday? Apply OFRA’s Absolute Cover Face Primer all over your face or just on those pesky T-zone spots that tend to get oily like your forehead, nose and chin. This product will also enhance your makeup’s staying power!


        • Additional trick: Keep OFRA’s Oil Control Pressed Powder in your purse for hot summer days and use whenever you notice an unwanted sheen.


        3. Apply primer to your eyelids before eyeshadow application to enhance the wear factor and keep it from creasing.


            4. Take care of your brows by opting for a pencil that contains wax so it won’t rub off easily. OFRA has your perfect solution with the Universal Eyebrow Pencil that is water resistant and formulated with synthetic beeswax. If you’re not into pencils, we have a semi-permanent waterproof Eyebrow Gel that is ultra-durable and comes in a multitude of shades. The choice is yours!


                5. OFRA’s long wearing and oil-free Absolute Cover Silk Peptide Foundation is lightweight with buildable coverage. Comparable to a waterproof product, it is perfect for hot weather and will stay put until it’s removed by a cleanser. Apply in a crisscross motion to reduce streakiness that can occur when sweating.


                    6. Dab a face powder like OFRA’s Translucent Highlighting Luxury Banana Powder on top of your liquid foundation to set it, reducing oil secretions. This versatile product also prevents under-eye concealer creasing when you sweat.


                        7. Dress your lips in OFRA’s Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks in 40+ gorgeous shades. They are super long lasting and give you wearable comfort without feathering. Your lips will be soft and moisturized thanks to the addition of vitamin E and other natural ingredients in this lightweight formula.


                            8. OFRA’s Liquid Blush is the smooth, weightless solution for summer weather. It is has excellent staying power and works well on all skin types, especially oily skin. It also looks more natural than powder blush.


                                9. Put on ICE Cream Eyeshadow from OFRA. These shadows are heavily pigmented and enhanced with built-in primer so they’re a great choice for any eye look. Because they are buildable, you can layer them for more intensity or apply other shadows on top of it. The primer makes them stay put for up to eight hours without creasing or smudging. Seeing is believing!


                                    10. Use a hypoallergenic foaming cleanser for combination and oily acne skin like the OFRA Vitamin C Cleanser on a daily basis. It will balance oil secretions and remove excess makeup, leaving your skin refreshed. Cleanse in the morning to promote your makeup’s longevity and in the evening after the skin has been exposed to dust and pollution.


                                        With these 10 easy tips from OFRA, you can weatherproof your makeup just in time for summer!

















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