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2 Simple Steps for Prepping Dry Skin

Dry skin can be totally annoying, especially when it comes to creating a makeup look. To achieve a date night look, party look, or even a night on the couch look, here are 2 steps you can follow to reach that goal.

Where do I start?

Our “Foaming Kiwi Cleanser” gives that spa like experience when it comes to prepping any makeup look. With one pump, this wash will provide your face with a fluffy, sweet-scented sensation. Time to say goodbye to any oils or residue! The gentle formula won’t cause skin to feel like the Sahara desert, but rather a nice beach wave. 

An Extra Special Tip

With dry skin, comes build up of unwanted dry patches. So one extra tip I have for you is to switch off between the “Foaming Kiwi Cleanser” and our “Dual Action Cleanser with Scrub”. About every 2-3 days, this scrub will help remove any build up of dead skin that we definitely do not want hanging around.

Another Step

Were almost there! Before moving on to the glitz and glam grab “Cool as a Cucumber”. This non-greasy primer uses cucumber to lock in all the moisture provided through a mix of 3 different oils. The perfect cocktail for dry skin. Not only does this primer provide skin with a smoothing base for makeup, but a tacky one as well. Ensuring that your makeup will stay looking fresh!

Def get your sunglasses ready because these simple steps will make sure your skin is glowing. A good wash, scrub, and moisturizer will have you slaying anything that comes your way Beautie!


Written By: Rachel Fleischman


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