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2020 Prom Looks That We Love

Proms in 2020 may be closer to home than ever, but that doesn't mean that you can't get your glam on just like it was 2019! We've seen so much creativity unleashed during quarantine and we wanted to recreate some of our favorite looks and even get dressed up, because why not?! Check out our looks below. We were definitely feeling ourselves ;)


I had so much fun creating this prom look. With being a high school senior this year, creating this prom look made me feel like a prom queen! My dress had lots of champagne colors and gold in it. So, of course, I used our Radiant Eyes Signature Palette to make my lids shine. Bliss was applied all over my lid for the extra boujee, blingy look. I added a sharp wing with our Fixline Eyeliner Gel in Black and finished off the eyes with our HD Mascara. For my cheeks, I used Samantha March’s blush and bronzer duos to create my perfect cheek. In order to actually be prom queen you have to glow from within. I used Rodeo Drive to add the most golden glow ever to all the high points of my face. As for my lips, when in doubt wear red! And that’s exactly what I did. I finished with our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Brickell. I threw on my gold glittery heels and was ready to hit the dance floor (quarantine style). But of course, I couldn’t take any pics without setting my whole face with lots of Makeup Fixer to make it last through any dancing and pictures that took place.


It's been a solid 11 years since my actual senior prom, oh the memories! So it was fun to try a new take on a prom look. For this new look, I wanted to recreate my old prom makeup using purple but amp it up x10! I used the OFRA x Francesca Tolot Infinite Palette to start this look using shades Oscuro & Tempest for the outer part of my eye going from black to blue and then adding Orion from the Galaxy Palette for the purple. I went back over the purple shade on the inner part of my eye with 4EVER from the Glitch Palette to give it a more metallic shine. I then went back into the Infinite Palette to add Aurora on top of the purple shades once more for a more color shifting look. Also from the Galaxy Palette, I used the shade Stellar in my crease to blend out the smokiness of the darker shades and create a seamless blend throughout. Lastly, I popped on some glitter to the inner part of my eye, added some wings using Verified, and used a mix of Neptune and Milkyway for the inner corner and browbone highlight. For my lip combo, I used a mix of Sanibel LLLL and Sugarcup Lip Gloss on top! (Other products used: Miller Squad Trio for blush and highlight, Gilded Palette for bronzer, Absolute Cover Foundation #7, Translucent Powder in Light, Absolute Cover Primer)


 For my look I wanted it to be smokey and sparkly! I wanted to create a dark base for my eye look so I used our black Fixline gel and then set it with Oscuro from the Francesca Infinite Palette. Then to blend the harsh line I had in my crease I used Vitruvian. I topped off my lids with some glitter because it's not a Prom look without glitter! On the rest of my face, I used both blushes and highlighters from the Madison Miller collection, River Bronzer, HD Volumizing Mascara, & Manila on my lips. I sealed this look in with Makeup Fixer to make sure my makeup would last through dancing, karaoke, and the after after party! :wink:


It's Prom, right?! So S-P-A-R-K-L-E-S? I went all-in with this look, for me anyway. But I still wanted something that was easy and didn't take too long, 15 minutes and that's it. I started with eyes before the foundation for this look because I knew I would be using dark colors and also I wanted to create a sharp edge on the outer corner. For my eyes, I deepened the outer corners with Brown and Triple Black from our Bright Addictions Palette making sure to blend and make the transitions seamless. With the inner corner of the lid, I used Bo$$y Eyes Penthouse to make it pop, and went back with Rodeo Drive Highlighter just on the tear duct for even more oomph. In the center of the lid, with my finger I applied the plummy metallic, Posh, from the Glitch 2000 Palette. I finished my cheeks with Samantha March's collection and highlighted with Glow Goals. While I wasn't prom queen this time :( I felt like one with Sedona on my lips and a spritz of Makeup Fixer. 


Doing this prom look brought back so many wonderful memories of high school!! I went with the same type of look I had for my prom in the ancient year of 2008 ;) I did a soft subtle smoky eye using our Boho Palette and of course a small wing using our Black Fixline Eyeliner Gel. Of course, I had to go a bit heavy-handed when it came to blush because what is Prom without rosy cheeks!? For this, I really had to pack on Bellini and build it up as it is a more subtle blush at first that can be built on. I then used both bronzers in the OFRA X Francesca "Gilded" Palette and topped my look off with a bold lip using OFRA X Kathleenlights "Havana Nights"! I had a great time creating this look reminiscing on my high school memories :)



I don’t know about you but I love Prom time! Everyone getting dressed up and dolled up! Therefore when it came time to create looks for this blog I was excited. I decided to create a look that I felt I would have wanted to wear to my prom! To me, my original prom makeup wasn’t memorable so I was excited about this redo! For the eyes, I wanted to use brown and burgundy like colors so I used the Must Have Mattes and the Sweet Dreams Palette, and for the middle of the eye I used the Bo$$y Eyes Penthouse, creating a Halo Eye Look. For the face I used our Absolute Cover Face Primer to minimize the appearance of pores and to make the makeup last longer. I used the Absolute Cover Foundation in shade #1 for my base. I wanted the highlight to pop more than usual, so I decided to layer 2 of them. I used Rodeo Drive and Pillow talk on top of it. I contoured and added blush using the Samantha March Collection, River, and Chick-Lit. To top off my look I went with LLLL Mocha and that made it! Hope you love it!


 Hey Beauties! Hope you enjoyed this blog as much as we enjoyed prom and creating these looks. Tell us in the comments your favorite prom looks, you're favorite part about prom, and anything else that you want to share. See you next time!




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