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2 NikkieTutorial Makeup Must-Haves

If you love and follow NikkieTutorials, you know that she is “all about the glow” as she said in a video of hers “glowing is my existence”. Recently, she has been glowing more and more using products by one of her favorite makeup brands Ofra Cosmetics. The OFRA x NikkieTutorials love story is sprinkled with not one, but two ‘collabs’, as Nikkie likes to call them. For those of you who want to look as glamorous as Nikkie does, I put together a list of three OFRA Cosmetics products Nikkie just can’t be without:   

#1 Liquid Lipstick 

Nikkie Tutorials and Ofra created  3 custom liquid lipstick shades:

Spell (neon coral pink)
Nude Potion (neutral nude pink) 
Coven (neutral metallic brown) 

Nikkie wanted to create a liquid lipstick (her absolute fave) that is long-lasting and perfectly outlines and fills in the lips in shades she had never seen. Her vision was turned into a reality and the result is Ofra’s luscious liquid lipstick.   

Buy your own long-lasting liquid lipstick now for just $20! 

#2 Everglow Highlighter 

Nikkie created her own highlighter wheel together with Ofra. She was so excited about this that she called it “my little baby that I am so incredibly proud of!”  

But why is Everglow Highlighter so fabulous? 

“It is truly the most beautiful glow for every skin tone out there!”, Nikkie told her YouTube followers about Everglow when she first introduced it. 

“It comes in three blinding highlighting shades:

  • One for the fair makeup junkies 
  • Medium for everyone who is right in between 
  • And a beautiful warm rich bronze for all my dark-skinned divas out there!”

Nikkie says enthusiastically during the big reveal of this collab. Nikkie continues to rave and explains her philosophy “I wanted everyone to have the ability to shine makeup haters eyes out and make it possible to shine to Mars and back!” With that kind of enthusiasm no wonder she never leaves the house before applying one of these bad boys (or girls for that matter)!  \


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