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3 Products for Healing Dry Lips


I have always struggled with dry skin, dry patches, and dry lips. It felt like I was trying to find the right combination for achieving a refreshed lip that would last all day FOREVER. I was convinced it just wasn’t going to happen...


UNTIL I found the one and only Lip Exfoliator! This product changed everything for me, and it can for you too, Beauty. I didn’t realize how necessary it was to exfoliate my lips in order to give them a fresh reset. Just like we exfoliate our skin to remove dead skin cells, our lips also need the royal treatment. The product is so gentle that I’m able to use this product every morning when I wake up and every night as my last step before bed. It's super easy and I swear my lips feel softer with each use. If you don’t suffer from dry lips or only have dry lips in the winter months or during the hot days of summer, you can use Lip Exfoliator once or twice a week during Self-Care Sunday or in the shower.



Now that you have solved the mystery of a dried out pout, it’s time to maintain it. In the morning, I like to top off my lips with our Pure Vitamin E Lipstick. This is my fav step because I know it is protecting my lips from sun exposure and signs of aging, especially here in sunny Florida.

At night, I like to top off my lip with our Lip Gloss Stick. Yes-- I know what you're thinking. "Lip gloss to bed???" But this shining star isn’t a one hit wonder! It has anti-aging properties and peppermint oil that create a moisturized lip that will last through the night.

Make sure you follow all these steps in order to maintain healthy, plump lips. And one last tip: DO NOT FORGET to drink water! A necessity to keep both your skin and lips hydrated and feelin’ good.  Not to mention the best part of having soothed lips: being able to wear our comfortable OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks without your lips looking cracked underneath!

Written by: Rachel Fleischman


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