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3 Ways to Apply Dew the Dew


If you are new around here, you may not be familiar with our liquid-to-baked cosmetic highlighters. If you know, then you know how absolutely glowy and pigmented they are. It was only right that we turned this powder product into a liquid formula. So with that I introduce you to our three brand new liquid, body highlighters: Dew the Dew. And here are three different ways in which you can use them.

 1. Face and Cheek Highlighter


Our Dew the Dew body highlighters are formulated to be a light, blendable body lotion. This glow can be applied to so many places, it was hard to decide which we wanted to showcase! Similar to our liquid-to-baked highlighters, you can apply this endless glow to the highpoints of your face. Our go-to technique has been to tap it lightly with our fingers. To top if you can even layer a powered highlighter over it.


 2. Collar Bone Highlighter


Now that you’ve got your face covered, let's not neglect the upper part of your body or as we like to say your décolletage. With a pop of glow, your collarbones will be stealing the show with a youthful, sparkle from within. For a more concentrated glow, you can apply this product with your fingers, or with any makeup tool.


3. All Over!


And finally, apply this product EVERYWHERE! With a shimmering body lotion like Dew the Dew, you can easily apply this product where you want. Whether you want to use a small brush to apply this product as an inner corner highlighter or if you want to use it all over your arms and legs, you can!

Where will you be using our brand-new body highlighter?!


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