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5 Ways to Use Bo$$y Eyes Liquid Eyeshadows

 Are you ready to take charge with Bo$$y Eyes? This liquid shadow is super pigmented, dries down quickly, and DOES👏NOT👏BUDGE👏 Let's see 5 different ways our team likes to use this new product!


Inner Corner Highlight

On an everyday basis I keep my makeup pretty neutral and my eyes matte. The way I like to use Bo$$y Eyes is as an inner corner highlight. Using the shade Penthouse, I applied it to the inner corner of both of my eyes to really open them up. This is a way that I take a glam product and make it every day. 


One-shadow Look

For a simple wash of color, I mixed the shades Five Star & Rozay on my hand and then with my finger applied it all over my lid with a tapping motion and then blended the edges with a clean finger. I wanted to add a little extra to my look so I highlighted my inner corners and brow bone with Y2K from the Glitch Palette and added a wing with Verified. Bo$$y Eyes are the perfect product for hooded eyes like mine because they dry down and don’t budge or crease all day!


Winged Liner

Lately, I have been working on my winged liner game. Since I've been doing wings every day I've been adding a twist by using our different colors of Fixline gels. With wings on the brain, I knew that is exactly what I wanted to use Bo$$y Eyes for! I used the shade Fortune here but I have used all the others and love how they came out. Since the wing is metallic and really pops I don't have to do anything else to my eyes, yet I still get so many compliments. It's super simple and looks like I put in a lot more effort than I did. 


Cut Crease

Whenever I sit down to do my makeup I have intentions of something quick, like some brows and concealer, but an hour later I'm 8 shadows in getting ready to cut my crease! I love using Bo$$y Eyes to get a cut crease look because it makes it so easy. You get to skip applying concealer before the eyeshadow because of how pigmented this product is. All I have to do is carve out my lid and it is already super metallic and I'm done! I used Five Star, a soft gold, to go with the warm colors in the rest of my eye look.


Liquid Highlighter 

 I love glowy skin so when we came out with Bo$$y Eyes I knew I wanted to try using it as a liquid highlight! I applied the shade Rozay to the high points of my cheekbones using my finger to blend it in.This gave my face a natural and radiant look, I love how it turned out!  


Beauties, which of these tips were your favorite and do you see yourself recreating any of them? Make sure to tag us in your looks using #OFRAbeauties so we can see how you used Bo$$y Eyes!




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