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7 Day Moisturizer Challenge


 Wintertime cold air can really wreak havoc on your skin. Check out our Winter Skin Myths blog where we talk about some commonly accepted truths about skin care routines debunked. Once we learned about the importance of moisturizing the team decided to challenge ourselves to try out a new routine with a moisturizer we have never tried. Found out the results below!

Biotech Cream

"I used Biotech Cream for my normal/combination skin. For me, I feel like it was better as a night time cream because it was very moisturizing and if I put too much, it left my skin a little oily feeling especially in my T-Zone as I have combo skin. However, when I did use it in the morning I just put a little bit on and made sure to add to my neck as well and I was good to go! I didn’t see any dramatic differences in 7 days (especially since during the holidays my skin was going crazy!) but my skin definitely felt softer! I think if I continue to use it, it will help smooth and tighten my skin more like it is supposed to do, so I’ll continue using it and see how it performs over a month or two! I’d recommend this more to those who have normal or mature skin."


"For my challenge, I used our Biotech Cream. I normally use our Vitamin C Cream every day but since it’s winter I wanted to try something a bit more hydrating and nourishing which is exactly what the Biotech Cream was for my skin. I wouldn’t necessarily use this cream in the summer but right now in the winter it definitely gave my skin that extra dose of hydration that it needed!"


Retinol Cream

"I decided to use our Retinol Cream during our 7 Day Moisturizer Challenge for its anti-aging benefits. I have normal skin, so I wanted to concentrate on maintaining the youthfulness of my skin, and this product does just that. It helps with reducing the appearance of pores, lines, and dark spots. One of my skin concerns is the pores on my cheeks. Over the week I used it, I noticed a difference in the size of those pores. Living in South Florida allows for a lot of time in the sun, so the Retinol Cream helps to prevent damage caused by this tropical climate. I was using this moisturizer morning and night to get it’s full-effect over the short period of this challenge. Now, I use it as my nighttime cream to allow more time to sink into my face. If you’re using it in the morning, make sure to follow-up with sunscreen. I recommend our Retinol Cream to help prevent signs of aging and damage from sun exposure."



Before                                  After 

Q10 Cream

"I chose to test out our Q10 Cream. Moisturizer is important in my skincare routine because my skin type is dry and the weather in the winter doesn’t help that. I was excited to try this out because the featured ingredient, CoQ10, is supposed to be a very hydrating and anti-aging ingredient. Something I really enjoyed about this product was the texture. It was very smooth and creamy so I enjoyed putting it on every morning and night. It left my skin feeling very soft to the touch and hydrated. Since this challenge was only a week-long nothing dramatic happened, my smile lines are still here but my dry patches are gone! I look forward to continuing using the Q10 cream and see how it affects my skin in the long run."



Before                                  After 

OFRA Peptide Moisturizer

"Just as winter arrives, I knew that I had to start adding a bit more moisture power to my skin care routine. I usually have normal to dry skin, but during winter my skin is dryer than usual, and pesky little dry spots start appearing. For the past 7 days, I incorporated the OFRA Peptide Moisturizer as the last step in my morning and night skin care routine. On just the second day I notice a significant decrease in the number of dry patches on my skin. I also noticed that my skin didn't feel stripped at the end of the day. What I love most about this moisturizer are the skin loving ingredients such as Silk Peptides, Vitamin E, and Lemon Extract. I am definitely gonna continue using the OFRA Peptide Moisturizer to make sure my skin is soothed and hydrated all winter long." 


Advanced Vitamin C Cream

"My go to skincare product is the Peptide Moisturizer, so I was excited to switch it up. For this challenge, I used the Advanced Vitamin C Cream. I am a big fan of all things Vitamin C, since I have dull skin and quite a few marks from acne scarring. While I didn’t see any dramatic difference in my small marks, I did notice my face looked cleaner and had a new overall brightness to it. It was also very absorbent on my skin and left me feeling very hydrated without looking oily. I would definitely recommend adding this vitamin c- rich cream to your evening routine!"



Before                                  After 

Blemish Treatment Cream

"My Holy-grail moisturizer is the Oil Free Moisturizer, but for this challenge I was given the Blemish Cream to change things up. The Blemish Cream really helped even out my skin and add much needed moisture for this "Winter" in Florida. I love this cream as it was also a lifesaver for my minor time of the month pimples as well. "



Before                                  After 

Vitamin C Cream

"I’ve tried so many moisturizers and I wanted to try something new. I chose to try Vitamin C Cream because it’s vitamin c enriched. This cream is great for hydration and helps with skin  brightening. Since I’ve started using this moisturizing, I’ve noticed that my skin has become brighter and softer. A great result, that I’m happy to have! It’s a great addition to my skincare routine. I enjoy applying it day and night, It soothes my skin the moment it’s applied."




Before                                  After 


We'll check back in Beauties and let you know what our final thoughts were on all of these moisturizers! Have an idea for a challenge we should try next? Let us know in the comments below and also what moisturizer you'd like to try. 


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