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7 Different Looks with the Pro Blush Palette


Hey Beauties! Need a new eyeshadow palette? Sometimes you just have to look at something a little different! Today the OFRA Team shows you how many AMAZING looks you can get with the Pro Blush Palette. This palette is filled with neutral, warm, and cool pink tones. Perfect for your cheeks and safe to use on your eyes! Keep on scrolling to see what the Team came up with!

Ashley created a neutral eye with a pop of pink in the lower lash line. This versatile look can be worn throughout the day and night. She followed up with Charm and Format to finish up the face. The Pro Blush Palette is easily refillable, so once you hit pan on a shade you can replace it with a single godet! Each shade is listed below:

Carine dived into the Pro Blush Palette and created a bold eye. Pink Lady in the inner corner makes her brown eyes pop! Winter Rose Glow was the perfect cheek shade to tie this look together.  You'll steal the show in this look. 

Diana is wearing a simple and easy to recreate eye look with a wash of color on the lids. This versatile look can be worn whenever you want! She then used Candy Apple to blush up those cheeks.

Dani was able to create a full face of eyes, blush, and contour! The outcome? A simple, yet stunning look. 

Mariela went for a subtle smokey eye! Her eyes, blush, and contour blended together perfectly using just this one palette.

Camilla went for a bold look and popped that inner corner with Pink Lady! She topped off her blush and contour with just this one palette.

Shaina achieved a neutral brown eye look from this palette. This shows that just because you dip into this blush palette your look doesn’t have to be so pink. 

We can't wait to see you Beauties get your hands on this palette. Make sure to use the #ofrabeauties on Instagram that way we can see all the looks you come up with!

Written by: Rachel Fleischman



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