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7 Foundation Tips That Will Have You Looking Flawless

Hey, Beauties! Looking to buy a foundation but not quite sure where to start? We know there can be a lot of confusion and unanswered questions when it comes to deciding which one would be best for you. There are so many variables to keep in mind! No worries, we’re here to help you make the whole process 10X easier with these seven tips. 

1. Know your undertone

First, and foremost, the most important step in finding the right foundation for you is to figure out your skin's undertone. One super simple way to determine your undertone is to look at the color of the veins on your arms:

Cool undertones: blue or purple veins

*Looks for words in your foundation shade like: beige, cool, rosy, C, Bisque

Neutral undertones: blue-green veins

*Look for words in your foundation shade like: Neutral, N, Peach, Honey

Warm undertones: green or olive veins

*Look for words in your foundation shade like: Warm, Sand, Yellow, Y, W, Golden

2. Find the perfect shade match

Now that you know your undertone, you can start determining your shade or depth. In order to find the perfect shade match, swatch your best foundation options directly to your neck, jaw line or face, instead of your arms. Try your best to test it in natural daylight so it will be easier to determine if you've found the right shade! However, if you’re shopping online and are unable to swatch on yourself, I recommend you decide between two similar shades keeping in mind your undertone and either purchase both or go with the lighter shade because you can always add a little color with a bronzer or blush.

3. Prep is key: use a primer

Whether you're going for a full face of makeup or no makeup at all, primers are essential for a gorgeous complexion that gives you a smooth base. Primers are a must due to their ability to keep products in place without melting, smudging, or moving around. We have formulas that tackle all types of skin concerns, work double-duty,  or add a glow-from-within. Take our primer quiz here to help you make the best decision!

4. Get the best finish

What's your favorite foundation finish? The answer to this may be, "it depends." There are so many different foundation finishes depending on the look you’re going for: sheer, dewy, satin, semi-matte or matte. If you have oily skin, try a matte finish to control natural shine. A satin finish works best for normal to dry skin, giving you an in-between dewy and matte look with a smooth, satiny finish. Also important to keep in mind, no matter what finish you want, don’t overload your face with layer after layer of foundation, go easy and build it up! Here are a couple of tips for achieving the perfect base for you:

Mix foundation with an oil-free moisturizer or liquid highlighter for a natural look

Use a damp sponge for a more natural application and dewy-looking skin

Use a brush to go full-coverage

5. Don't forget your neck

Many people tend to reject the neck (or just forget to blend), so we’re here to remind you to show some love to it! Because your neck tends to be a lighter shade than your face, remember to blend your foundation beyond your jawline for an even complexion. Think of it this way, the neck is just an extension of your face. Don't want to get foundation on your collar? Use a damp makeup sponge to lightly blend below the jawline.

6. Powder the T-Zone

Ready to move on to bronzer? While you don't have to set your foundation at all, or if you like cream contour, blush, or highlighter it may not be necessary, setting your foundation takes your base routine to the next level. We recommend you powder your t-zone: forehead, nose, chin, and around the mouth. Powdering can help build coverage, smooth fine lines, and leave the skin looking shine-free. To apply setting powder, dust on the Translucent Powder (available in four shades) or the banana powder in all the areas where you conceal while primarily focusing on t-zone.

7. Use a setting spray

Ready to head out? The final step is setting spray. Make your base long-lasting for a long day at the office or an all-night hang. Mist the Makeup Fixer or the Rose Makeup Fixer two to three times evenly across your face. This setting spray refreshes the face and let's makeup last for up to 12 hours. Trust us, we know! Living in South Florida is truly the ultimate test for beauty products. Will they be able to prevail through the warmth, sun, humidity, and rain?! The answer is “YAAASSS” every time! Our setting sprays don't just smell incredible, they also have amazing nutrients for the skin like~my favorite~ aloe vera. You can also spritz your face before doing your makeup, for those makeup-free days, or literally at any time of the day.

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What do you Beauties think about these techniques? Let us know any additional tips or tricks you might have in the comment section below! 

Written by Mariela Aguilar

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  • This is so helpful!! I also like to put foundation on my ears so that everything matches and to get rid of some of the redness there. Can’t wait to read your next blog :)

    Marcela on

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