Which Beauty Kit is Right for Me?

Posted on 26 July 2015

OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories has the best cosmetic kits and beauty kits on the market. Our kits have set the standard for beauty and cosmetic kits not only in the salon and spa, but in cosmetology and beauty schools as well. We have schools and distributors all across the globe, and we are a household name in hundreds of cities worldwide. Our kits are known for setting the standard in the industry. 
These are a few of our most popular kits:

The Elite Beauty Canvas Kit

The solution for beauty disarray is here. Lightweight and spacious, the Elite Canvas Beauty Kit has everything makeup artists need to stay organized and travel hassle free. Complete with 36 beauty product essential and made of high performance durable canvas, it has a built in strap that secures it to any carry-on luggage for easy maneuvering and ease of access. Roomy pockets and expandable trays permit brushes, applicators, spatulas, and cosmetics to remain tidy and neat.

Carefully selected products from OFRAs innovative beauty line are included to enhance makeup application and provide long lasting makeup wear.

Skin Care Kit – Dry
This is the ultimate trial or travel kit for men and women and is suitable for dry, sensitive skin types. The Skin Care Kit for dry skin can also be used as a mini facial kit at home. Arrives in a small clear cosmetic bag.

OFRA Professional Contouring & Highlighting Cream Foundation Palette
This palette is the perfect addition to any makeup artist’s kit. Forget packing single concealers or foundations, the OFRA PRO Contouring & Highlighting Cream Foundation Palette has it all. It is versatile enough to contour and highlight facial features as well as be applied as a cream foundation and concealer. It comes with six pigmented colors that are hypoallergenic which contain vitamin E and C. Excellent for all skin tones and skin types, our specially formulated cream foundation palette also consists of anti-aging properties.

Ultimate Peeling Kit
Perfect kit for the professional. This Ultimate Peeling Kit is suitable for reducing pigmentation, fine lines and renewing skin texture. It will help refine the pores and control problem skin. Pumpkin Peel will create peeling results which will last for up to 10 days. 

Excellent to use in combination with Microdermabrasion Facial treatments. (Pumpkin peel is applied prior to Microdermabrasion process. It is left on face and neck 5-10 minutes. Steam is recommended for better results in order to activate the enzymes. Remove then continue with Microdermabrasion machine.)

If you need quality cosmetic kits or beauty kits you can’t go wrong with OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories. We manufacture quality kits like no other cosmetics company. We have hundreds of distributors worldwide, making us an internationally recognized and respected company. Visit our web site and see for yourself, and feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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