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Trust the Leading Makeup Kit Distributor in Pompano Beach!

OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories is not just another makeup kit distributor or skin care line. We are a leading manufacturer of professional skin care and makeup. In addition, OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories is currently the top supplier of beauty kits to over 750 United States cosmetology schools and salons. Our products are distributed throughout Europe and the United States. We are not only the top makeup kit distributors in Pompano Beach, Florida, but we have worldwide deliveries, keeping us at the top of the game. The celebrities who don our makeup and skin care items are as diverse as our line of products themselves. 

OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories is not just only about the big names and celebrities who wear our products at major events, we have many women who enjoy making tutorials using our makeup kits. When we say we are makeup kit distributors, we include everyone who proudly wears our products. Some of our best tips come not from industry experts, but the everyday women who wear our makeup and skin care products; they know the items just as well as any paid professional. Take a look at our YouTube channel if you need tips on how to utilize a certain product. 
Visit us online if you are interested in any of our makeup kits. We are the biggest makeup kit distributor in Pompano Beach, Florida, and one of the biggest makeup kit distributors in the world overall. With distribution to hundreds of locations internationally, we have become a household name to millions globally. For more information on our company and how to become a distributor, use the helpful Contact Us page! 

We are always happy to add more people to our ever-expanding family. Please contact online. We would be glad to hear from you!


  • Where i can find ofra makeup in Philadelphia , US ?

    Khawla on

  • Nice Helpful Blog, The Biggest distributors mostly provide the best results in my opinion.

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  • Very much Informative. I love your blogs and already a follower of it. I think that when it comes to Beauty stuff so its very necessary for new business to have beauty techniques and products that perfectly resembles their business and provides complete solution to connect with its consumers.

    izmir beauty on

  • Can anyone tell who are the biggest distributors in pakistan for procter and gamble?

    Abudawood on

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