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Looking for a Cosmetic Manufacturer Who Cares About Quality?

There are many cosmetic laboratories and cosmetic manufacturers around the world. Some are more recognizable than others and some have a better reputation that others when it comes to quality of product. There have been issues in the past with cosmetic laboratories testing beauty and skin care products on animals, but today, most companies adhere to a strict standard of testing that does not include or endanger animals. For as long as they have been around, OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories has always made sure they were ahead of the curve in developing their makeup and beauty line.
OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories has always carried with them a proclivity for excellence minus the questionable procedures. We use ingredients found mostly in nature:
·         -Plant, marine, and vegetable extracts
·         -Peptides
·         -Lady's Mantle
·         -Retinol specializations
·         -Argerline (peptides from amino acids)
·         -Vegetable Growth Hormone
·         -Vitamin C
·         -Glycolic and Lactic Acids
·         -Sodium Hyaluronate
·         -Some organic compounds
·         -Other natural, anti-aging, skin repairing ingredients
Ofra Gaito has traveled and completed several courses with well-known cosmetic brands in Germany, France, and United States – including earning her prestigious, postgraduate, CIDESCO course in Johannesburg. The CIDESCO diploma remains the highest, qualifying certification in the field of Esthetics and Beauty Therapy that can be achieved by an individual. As a certified CIDESCO recipient, Ofra analyzes the skin as well as the body, and this distinction has positively shaped her cutting-edge, career path. Due to her formal education and training, OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories is now recognized as a leading manufacturer of professional skincare and makeup. In addition, OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories is currently the top supplier of beauty kits to over 750 United States cosmetology schools and salons.
 We take our products and our clients very seriously. We provide the best quality around without using harsh or toxic chemicals. To learn more about who we are, browse our web site and read more about us. Read all the testimonies from satisfied customers around the globe. Then look at our line of products and figure out what works best for you. If you have any questions you can always contact us on our site and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. We hope you take the time to reach out to us, and we look forward to hearing from you in the future!


  • I’m launching a beauty brand and I am very interested in working with Ofra Cosmetics!

    Alexis on

  • Hello I am interested in starting my own cosmetic line , I would love to work with
    you .

    Taque Courtland on

  • I want to manufacture lipstick

    Heeyoung Cho on

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