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What’s the Secret to Perfect Cosmetology Kits?

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Starting something new can be overwhelming, and entering cosmetology school or getting into the beauty industry is no exception to this rule. At OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories, we’re working to create the perfect cosmetology kits so discovering great makeup isn’t overwhelming. We design, manufacture and ship out the finest quality cosmetics around the world. Whether you’re entering into cosmetology school, starting a makeup artistry practice or simply looking to get into makeup for yourself, we’ve got the cosmetology kits that can get you started. A good cosmetology kit in Pompano Beach is like your starter makeup kit, it gives you everything you’ll need to create perfect looks. Instead of researching and driving all around to find just a fraction of the items you’ll need, you can have our cosmetology kits delivered right to your doorstep. 
At OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories, we think that the secret to the perfect cosmetology kit is offering literally everything you could need. A kit is an exciting portable makeup studio, at least that’s how we think about cosmetology kits. We offer kits starting at only $159. Our OFRA Professional Makeup Small Portfolio is one of our most popular cosmetology school makeup kits. It’s packed with everything you’ll need for cosmetology school or everyday use, including:

·         8 Eye Shadow Colors
·         4 Blush/Highlighter Colors
·         Tri-Color Powder Foundation
·         Tri-Pot Concealer
·         2 Lipsticks
·         Eye Pencil & Lip Liner Pencil
·         Mascara
·         Lip Gloss
We’ve even packed the tools you’ll need, right into the kit! Our OFRA Professional Makeup Small Portfolio also includes a five piece mini brush set, a pencil sharpener, instant eye make-up remover and our exclusive silk peptide foundation. With our OFRA Professional Makeup Small Portfolio, you’ve got a portable makeup studio, right in one box!
Cosmetic Manufacturers Pompano Beach
Our makeup experts have designed a wide selection of cosmetology kits, all ideal for different utilizations. Our kits are great for cosmetology beginners and seasoned makeup experts. For example, our Ultimate Folding Makeup Studio is the perfect tool for any professional makeup artist. It’s an entire makeup studio, in one portable suitcase! With over 115 separate pieces, you’ll have all the brushes, eyeliners, primers, lip glosses, concealers, lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows and blushes you’ll need! There are countless other professional items in the Ultimate Folding Makeup Studio.


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