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What’s New From the Most Creative Cosmetic Manufacturers?

Makeup is something which is always changing and growing to meet new consumer demands. Standing out as a quality manufacturer requires more than just quality products, it also requires innovative designs and creations. OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories is the most creative cosmetic manufacturers in the business. We’re continuing to bring improvements to the cosmetic industry with our growing collection of Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick products. Are you ready to Spring into Summer? Well, with our new Spring into Summer collection of Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick shades, you’ll feel ready for this bright time of year! 

Our new Spring into Summer shades have been designed with the exciting warm-weather travel that’s associated with spring and summertime. From tropical paradises to big bustling cities, these shades are all about those vibrant vacations we all wait months for. From the beaches St. Tropez to the streets of Las Vegas, these new shades will bring the bright colors of the season right to your makeup look. Our Las Vegas Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick starts the Spring into Summer party with its bright lilac application, bringing an electric glow to your look. For more natural hues, you can count on our Sao Paulo brown matte/nude shade. Rio brings the same natural effect, but with more of a burnt orange hue. If coral shades are more your style, our Panama Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick offers a vivid coral matte while our St. Tropez decorates your lips with a bright rose matte. 
Regardless of which shade you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll get all of the amazing features which have made our Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks the industry trendsetter in liquid lipstick options. These lipsticks can last for up to five hours, keeping vivid colors without the need for reapplication. What’s more, they’re applied with a luxurious creamy texture that is extra pigmented. We’ve developed all of our Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks with long-wear in mind, they don’t feather or taper at the edges like traditional lipsticks. Instead, you can enjoy the creative combination of liquid and lipstick with vivid colors that will stay put all day. 

At OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories, all of our makeup products have been inspired by our professional skin care lines. We infuse many of our skin care products with vitamins and antioxidants, and our Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks are no different. These Spring into Summer shades are packed with antioxidants and Vitamin E, bringing your lips hydrating treatments that improve their health. These bright tropical shades are now available, so if you’re looking for hydrating, healthy and heavily pigmented lipsticks that will keep you shining all summer long, it’s time to get shopping! Our Spring into Summer Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks can be found here:


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