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What Makes Great Cosmetology School Makeup Kits?

Everyone needs the best school supplies to learn, and cosmetology school is no exception. If you’re entering into cosmetology school, your makeup kit is your own personal toolbox for your education. A well-stocked makeup kit can make all the difference in your cosmetology school education. Just as artists need the best canvases and paints to create masterpieces, cosmetology school students need professional cosmetology school makeup kits to hone their craft. OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories, is currently the largest supplier of beauty kits to cosmetology schools in the U.S. Our makeup kits are trusted by industry professionals and cosmetology students alike. 
There are several qualities of excellence you can expect from our makeup kits, here are some of their highlights: 
·         Versatile Concealers: Part of cosmetology education is learning to work with clients of all nationalities. Our cosmetology school makeup kits come packed with concealers of varying colors for versatile applications. 
·         Foundation Flexibility: Liquid or powder? That’s the common debate when it comes to foundation. When you trust in our cosmetology makeup kits, you won’t need to choose! They both incorporate different combinations of foundation options, including liquid and power choices. 
·         Added Scientific Benefits: At OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories, we create products which are inspired by nature’s ability to enhance natural beauty. Our time-tested silk peptide foundation is tucked into many of our makeup kits, bringing antioxidants and even anti-aging benefits. 
·         Fully Stocked Equipment: We all know how frustrating it can be to purchase a makeup kit, only to discover that the kit is missing most of the supplies you’ll need for full makeup work. We’ve thought of all the supplies you’ll need, including brushes, cosmetic wedges and even pencil sharpeners in many of our kits. 
At OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories, we believe that having all the makeup supplies you need in a well-stocked cosmetology kit can help you perform at your very best. We offer kits big and small for beginning cosmetology students all the way to professionals running their own studios. We value properly filled kits along with high quality ingredients throughout our makeup manufacturing process. Prepare yourself for success with our high quality makeup kits, start shopping today!


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