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Who Sells Professional Makeup Kits?

It seems that professional makeup artists are always on the move, running from one job to the next. Portability is a necessity for many professional makeup artists who don’t own their own storefront, or for those who have clients all around the area. Typically, finding the portable professional makeup kits you need for success has been a challenge. At OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories, we believe that all professional makeup artists, and students alike, deserve truly portable makeup kits which still maintain professional quality. We’re the most trusted professional makeup kit distributor worldwide. Our team has developed some of the highest quality products on the market, and these cosmetics have been cultivated into highly portable options. If you’re in need of professional makeup kits for projects big and small, look no further than OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories. 

Our makeup cases are one of our most popular professional products, they combine variety of products and portable packaging. For example, our OFRA Professional Slim Case combines ease of use with portability. One hard-shell case contains a multitude of our products. Think of it as your own portable makeup studio. Our OFRA Professional Slim case is the perfect example of a professional makeup kit, it combines the expansive product selection and incredible portability that professional makeup artists need. Some of the products in our OFRA Professional Slim Case include:

  •  30 eye shadows, from natural shades to vibrant hues
  •  Fixline Gel & Mascaras
  •  3 different mosaic powders
  •  Lip glosses
  •  Dermal Mineral foundations
  •  Concealers
  •   Bronzing powder
  •  Lip plumpers & exfoliators 
  •  Liquid foundations for all skin tones
The kit can be carried by one handle, with each product held in tightly to ensure that they won’t be damaged during transportation. The kit’s combination of colors, liquid and powder products can help any makeup artist meet the differing needs of all types of clients and looks. 
For professional makeup artists looking to simply enhance their existing cosmetic collection, we’ve got smaller options that still bring variety. Our makeup palettes are a popular option that combine portability and specialized products. Our OFRA Professional Lipstick Palette includes 20 different unique lipstick shades. It’s an ideal tool for professional makeup artists looking to carry a large variety of lipstick which is organized in a sleek presentation. We also manufacture and distribute contouring palettes, blush palettes, mixed makeup palettes and eyeshadow collections. Each item we sell is designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped from our USA home office. 
Just as a painter needs the best brushes and paints to create a masterpiece, professional makeup artists need the best cosmetic tools to create beautiful looks. At OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories, we believe that beauty can also include convenience. We’ve developed varied selections of the best professional makeup kits which are perfect for the busy professional makeup artist and even beginning cosmetology students. Stop by our online shop today to take a look at all of our professional, hypoallergenic and natural makeup products we offer.

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