Where Can I Find the Best Cosmetology School Makeup Kits?

Posted on 20 April 2015

School supplies can help you make the most of your education. Cosmetology is no different, in fact quality supplies are even more vital when you’re learning the ropes of professional makeup and skincare. When it comes to cosmetology school makeup kits, our experts at OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories believe that every cosmetology student deserves the most professional kits possible. How can you learn the skills of professional makeup artistry unless you’re learning with truly professional equipment? At OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories, we offer a wide range of cosmetology kits which are perfect for beginners and even for professional makeup artists. Best of all, our cosmetology kits are offered at some of the most affordable prices around. If you’re staring out in cosmetology school, prepare yourself for success with a kit from OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories. 
At OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories, we’ve become the top supplier of beauty kits to over 750 cosmetology schools and salons throughout the country. Our brand has become the gold standard when it comes to cosmetology school makeup kits. We’ve worked to cultivate kits consisting of the cosmetics which are suited for the lessons you’ll be learning in cosmetology school. Each and every kit we sell is equipped with its own combination of products. All of our kits are composed of professional cosmetics which have been trusted by makeup artists and elite clients for years. Our products are highly pigmented for excellent blending opportunities. 
You can choose from over half a dozen different cosmetology kits ranging from introductory collections to professional free-standing makeup studios. One of our most popular cosmetology school makeup kits is our OFRA Professional Makeup Large Portfolio. It’s perfect for the beginner makeup student because it offers the comprehensive combination of products you’ll need. The kit contains over 40 large makeup items which can get you through cosmetology school. It’s packed with an expansive array of items, including:

-20 eye shadow colors
-Oil control powder
-Liquid foundation
-Silk peptide foundations
-4 lipsticks
-Lip gloss
-Magic roulette concealer wheel of 6 colors
-5 piece mini brush set
Our OFRA Professional Makeup Large Portfolio includes a stylish carrying case that’s perfect for the professional makeup artist on the go, or the cosmetology student who needs portability. The kit is like your personal makeup toolbox that can help you perform at your very best.
Having an excellent makeup kit cannot automatically make you a professional makeup artist, but it can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of your cosmetology school education. Get yourself the best cosmetic supplies possible by visiting our online shop here to discover the variety of cosmetology school makeup kits we have in stock.

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