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Can Professional Skin Care Lines Bring Improvement?

Few beauty process are as vital as an effective skincare routine. When it comes to professional skin care, our team at OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories has worked to develop a collection of products aimed at helping our customers get their best complexion yet. Our professional skin care lines are fitting for spas, makeup professionals and the everyday user. Are you giving your skin the care it needs? If not, it’s time to visit our online shop! 

It’s important for a cosmetic company to offer the best possible variety of skin care products, but the most important quality isn’t to seek variety of products. More than anything else, you need to consider the quality of the products produced. Our skin care manufacturers at OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories work for safety at each step in production of your skin care products. We follow the most stringent safety standards, along with trusting natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients in our skin care products include:

  •          Plant, Marie & Vegetable Extracts
  •          Peptides
  •          Lady’s Mantle
  •          Retinol Specializations
  •          Vitamin C
  •          Lactic Acids
  •          Vegetable Growth Hormone
  •          Argerline

In addition to trusting natural ingredients, we only put what’s needed into your skin care products. This means that when you purchase any of our skin care products, you can rest assured that you’re using hypoallergenic solutions. At OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories, we believe that people of all skin types, even those with sensitive skin conditions, deserve wonderful products. We never tarnish our products with harsh fragrances. 
Skincare routines will differ depending on the specific skin conditions you may be facing, but everyone shares in the necessary first step of fully cleaning the skin. We’ve developed a selection of ideal skin cleansers and toners that can help achieve a clean complexion. Our Foam Cleanser with Vitamin C can help clean combination, oily and acne-ridden skin. The foaming cleanser can remove makeup, along with helping pull impurities from the skin. You can follow the cleanser with our Revitalizing Toner which works to revive the PH balance of your skin, leaving it fresh, clean and defended from dryness. 

We also manufacture professional skin care lines which can address problem skin conditions. Our Vitamin A & C Peel Off Mask can help treat spots of excessive pigmentation, along with reducing enlarged pores and even controlling oil secretion. For those struggling with acne, our Acne Treatment Cream can provide anti-bacterial treatment which is effective yet gentle. Our collection of problem-skin products are trusted by spas and salons worldwide. 
You can also count on our expansive collection of skin care products to help with your full-body skincare needs. We offer numerous products including serums to address ingrown hairs, masks to reduce cellulite, sugar body scrubs and bronzers. Our popular Radiance Face & Body Scrub can offer true head to toe treatment, it’s ideal for moisturizing and exfoliation in one simple step. At OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories, we offer one of the most comprehensive skin care product collections. Visit our online shop to get started on improving your skincare routine today!


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