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What Can You Expect from the Best Beauty Kits?

A painter needs the best brushes and paint to create a masterpiece, and it’s no different when it comes to makeup application. You need the best tools for the most beautiful finished look. At OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories, we believe that anyone can have professional quality makeup with our easy-to-use products. You can create dramatic looks or soft natural applications when you use our beauty kits. Few cosmetic manufacturers are focusing on the necessity of beauty kits these days, but our experts know that these kits offer great one stop shopping for makeup lovers and professional makeup artists alike. You can expect the best quality and most comprehensive solutions from our beauty kits. 

Makeup artistry requires great talent to master, but it also depends on the best materials. We have absolute control over all aspects of our makeup kit manufacturing process, from product creation to testing, manufacturing, packaging and shipping. Everything is done within our USA laboratory to ensure the highest possible quality. We only use natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. This helps us create vibrant makeup kits which are ideal for all various skin types. Our products are hypoallergenic and infused with added vitamins for optimal skin health. 
When it comes to makeup kits, nobody offers the full range of products quite like ours. In fact, we’re the premier makeup kit distributor for makeup schools nationwide. The professionals trust in our products, and beauty school students are learning about their benefits as well. Our makeup kits are your one stop shop for everything you’ll need to create a flawless look. 
At OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to use the highest quality makeup kits available. We have kits of varying shapes and sizes starting at only $159.00! Our introductory OFRA Professional Makeup Small Portfolio includes 8 vibrant eye shadows, 4 blushes/highlighter colors, tri-color power foundation, lipsticks, lip gloss, eye and lip pencils, sharpeners, mascara and our signature 5 piece mini brush set. We offer over a dozen other makeup kit options with shades for all skin tones. You can choose our ICE Glass MakeupDisplay, which puts your 35 favorite eyeshadows on display. Otherwise, if you’re more interested in skin care options, our new Elite Canvas Beauty Kit has you covered with cleansers, creams, concealers, highlights and foundations. 
Our beauty kits are completed with exquisite brushes. Each kit includes its own arrangement of brushes, but you can rest assured that each kit is completed with our high quality, 100% cruelty free brushes. In fact, all of the products we create at OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories are cruelty free. We don’t just use all natural materials, we also avoid animal testing at all points of production. Browse our selection of makeup kits here and learn about how the OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories make a difference today.


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