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Beyond the Product

Beyond the Product 

Ginko Biloba Extract

by Vincent Laurino April 10, 2014

Welcome to the first installment of Beyond the Product where we dive into ingredients found in some of our beloved OFRA products.  Many of us take little to no time to think about ingredients in skin care and cosmetics. Browsing your local drug store for bargain deals and pretty packaging, sometimes the actual product may be an afterthought. Through this series, we will open your eyes to the world of natural ingredients used in OFRA skin care and cosmetics.  


Fig. 1-0
          Today’s ingredient is the ever-popular Ginko Biloba Extract. The Ginko Biloba Tree(Fig. 1-0) or Fossil Tree is one of the oldest surviving species of trees, growing on Earth for over 150 million years. Originating in China where the seeds were utilized and brought to Europe in the 1700s, the tree and its leaves have been used for medicinal purposes ever since.

There are many benefits of Ginko Biloba, some of which feature its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and blood circulation uses. While it helps increase circulation, it prevents capillary fragility, boosts collagen formation and creates fibroblast (Fig 1-1). Fibroblast is the main structural cell in our skin, so generating more Fibroblast means more collagen (structural protein) and that means firmer skin! The extract is excellent for mature and young skin alike; it is also being used in products that help cure Vitiligo. While the list of benefits is long, outside of the cosmetic realm, the extract has also been linked to improved memory and Alzheimer Disease prevention.  


Fig. 1-1
OFRA uses the Ginko Biloba Extract in Eye Firming Gel (Fig. 1-3) and Radiance Face and Body Scrub(Fig.1-4). Eye Firming Gel is a wonderful product with a cooling and concentrated formula that utilizes the awesome qualities of Ginko Biloba. It tightens skin around the eyes and also hydrates, keeping skin younger looking and plump. OFRAs Radiance Face and Body Scrub is another hit that’s great for men and women. Using Ginko Biloba to increase blood circulation, it reduces blackheads, dead skin cells and pigmentation.
Eye Firming Gel Fig. 1-3
Eye Firming Gel Fig. 1-4
            Now that we covered Ginko Biloba, be sure to check out our Eye Firming Gel and Radiance face and Body Scrub to purchase and see the extract in action. Also, be sure to check back for the next installment of Beyond the Product for new and interesting natural ingredients. If you have a suggestion for a future ingredient contact us and let us know! 



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