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New Product: OFRA Peptide Complex Series

New Product: OFRA Peptide Complex Series

Written by: Vincent Laurino

Our research team here at OFRA Labs has been quite busy in recent months. First we brought you BB & DD Creamsand then it was our Fixline Eyeliner Gel in funky cool colors. But this train hasn’t reached its destination yet. Skin care & wrinkle reversal is the next stop on our list and you don’t want to miss out!


Infusing our in-depth knowledge of silk peptides with some of the finest ingredients, a lot of innovation and a little creativity, the OFRA team is proud to introduce: The Peptide Complex Series. Comprised of six fundamental beauty products, the complex will shelter skin from photo aging and hyperpigmentation.  Its nourishing formula will restore the skin’s proteins to help activate the natural wrinkle reversal process leaving a flawless, toned and revitalized result.


The Peptide Complex Series’ strength is achieved through ingredients that maximize the effectiveness of other ingredients. Some of these are: Silk Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Kinetin, Lady’s Mantel, Lemon Extract, Matrixyl, Filagrinol, Vitamin C and Haloxyl.


For more information on ingredients and products, flip throught the pages of the Complex Series online catalog Here


The Products: 
Cleanser:  Offers gentle yet deep, meticulous cleansing of the skin. It minimizes pores while
 removing makeup and clearing the skin of impurities.  
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Silk-C Serum: Anti-aging in a bottle. The hypoallergenic serum uses Kinetin, a plant 
hormone, to promote regeneration of skin cells. Purchase| Info
Activator: Light and silky serum that stimulates collagen and will tighten, smooth and
provide an immediate radiance boost to areas around the eyes or neck. 
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Hydrating Mask: Energize your skin with this comforting mask that targets the most
difficult aging problem; loss of moisture. 
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Moisturizer: Correct uneven tones, reduce pores and tighten wrinkles all while
moisturizing and blocking harmful rays from the sun with this luxurious cream. 
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Whitening Mask: Give skin the ultimate beauty boost with this relaxing, cooling
pigmentation reducing treatment mask. 
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Safeguard the health of your skin with six fundamental beauty products that will treat and protect your skin against freeradicals and pollution. 
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