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Peptides: OFRA has your answers

Peptides: OFRA has your answers

OFRA Absolute Cover Silk Peptide Foundation

Ever wonder what in the world a peptide is???


Our Silk Peptide Foundation joins anti-aging skincare with our long-lasting makeup. You get beautiful all day coverage while the foundation improves your skin. 

What more can you ask for?


At first, I heard the word peptide and automatically got confused. What is it?
So let's talk about what exactly peptides are...
Peptides are chemical compounds that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by temporarily controlling the release of neurotransmitters (which are small units in our bodies used for signaling between nerve cells). The muscles in the skin then relax causing the skin to flatten out. The components of peptides stimulate the skin to create smooth and younger looking skin much like the effects of Collagen. In the medical field, peptides have been used to improve wound healing which relates to skin rejuvenation in the cosmetic industry.



Quality makeup that also benefits the skin is hard to find (I've tried).
Keep an eye out for the OFRA Peptide Complex Series, a new series of skincare containing those precious peptides.


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  • I want to buy a foundation and i also.know the shade number but why am i not able to find it or order it?

    Nazila on

  • I would like to purchase your Foundation but cannot find it

    Juwan on

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