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Essential Morning Skincare Routine

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According to research and my very own personal philosophy, the most important part of your day is the very first 20 minutes of it. These crucial 1200 seconds set the tone for the remainder of the day, and can ultimately determine whether or not you freak out when someone cuts you off in traffic, or whether you just smile and brush it off. While Yoga is always a popular choice of mine, an even more essential preference is my morning skincare routine. You could have the most perfectly flawless make-up, beat to the Gods and totally on point, but if the skin underneath it isn’t fresh, vibrant, and properly taken care of, it’s evident, and all of the time and effort you put towards your masterpiece transformation is irrelevant.
I like to start my morning skincare routine with our glowingly popular Foaming Cleanser w/ Vitamin C. This incredible hypoallergenic cleanser is specifically formulated for combination to oily skin, and helps to reduce pigmentation. It has a light, airy orange scent to it, that can only be described as “clean.” I’m telling you, this stuff is the holy grail if you’re looking for a natural, organic cleanser minus all of those harsh chemicals that always seem to irritate the skin with drugstore cleansers.
Secondly, I use our Revitalizing Toner. A lot of people underestimate the importance of a good toner, but it is so necessary and has so many benefits for the skin. It shrinks pores, gives your skin pH balance (basically restores your skin after cleansing), adds a layer of protection to prevent the penetration of environmental contaminants to the skin (and can even remove the chlorine and minerals in tap water), and overall refreshes your skin.
After these two steps, as if my face isn’t already feeling so fresh and so clean clean, I use our Vitamin C Serum 25%. This specific serum helps to form collagen and contains 25% Vitamin C. It skin tone, reduces fine lines and treats pigmentation, discoloration and sun damaged skin cells. 
To top off the process, I lightly dab on moisturizer. Depending on the condition of my skin at the time, I use either our Oil Free Moisturizer for a light but effective moisturizer, or if I am feeling extra saucy I apply  our Biotech Cream
This skincare routine, followed strictly, has given a whole new meaning to my life. I have not only noticed a major difference within DAYS, but followed habitually, it has improved my skin dramatically and appears vibrant and glowing. I cannot get enough of our skincare! If you’ve used our Liquid Lipsticks at all, you totally understand that we have the BEST formulas.


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