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NEW shades are finally here!

Posted on 16 March 2016

NEW shades are finally here!

You asked and we listened… OFRA cosmetics’ Eyebrow Gel is now available in three new Light, Golden and Dark blonde shades. Our eyebrow gels are great for adding volume to a more defined, amped up look. The first of its kind, OFRA’s semi-permanent waterproof Eyebrow Gel gives you a precise eyebrow shape while maintaining a natural look. Manufactured with a unique waterproof formula, you’ll be able to go swimming, hit the gym and not worry about sweating off your brows or risk the dangers associated with permanent makeup.

Dab on a bit of eyebrow gel with one of our brushes (we recommend brush #4 or brush #16) and create a naturally defined look that will last all day long as you transition from morning to evening.

“A perfect filled-in brow will do something very different to a bold lip than a natural, brushed up brow will. When it’s brushed up, it’s more youthful & it doesn’t sit as heavily on the face.” – Katie Lee, MUA

A little goes a long way so apply as lightly or heavily as you’d like. Go a bit lighter to achieve a more natural look and a bit heavier to get that Cara Delevingne thick, defined brow for a bolder, edgier look. Unsure who Cara Delevingne is? She’s a model, actress, & singer and, most importantly, an eyebrow connoisseur. For a classic example, think Audrey Hepburn whose timeless, full brows give off drama and elegance.

For those who are new to the eyebrow game, here are a few helpful tips on how to start:


  • 1. Determine your face shape
  • 2. Determine what eyebrow shape you want to achieve
    Ex: thick, slim, straight, soft arch, high arch
  • 3. Take measurements and map out your eyebrows
    You can always use a stencil to help you out!
  • 4. Choose a fill in gel that is one shade lighter than your natural brow color
  • 5. Density: Fill in as light or as dark as you desire, depending on the impact you want to make

It’s not too late to jump aboard the eyebrow train! With OFRA Cosmetics’ smooth, creamy, formulated and easily applicable eyebrow gel, we’re all on our way to beautifully defined brows that are sure to outlast the rest!

Written by Mariel Fernandez - OFRA Team Member

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  • Lisa-Marie: September 21, 2016


    Is there any way of seeing swatches of these new shades? I dye my hair a level 9 strawberry blonde, so I am torn between light and golden.

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