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Boost your eye look!

Shakespeare once said, “The eyes are the window into the soul.” As one of the most important features on our face, we should know what colors look best with our eye color so we can play up our eyes and make them stand out.

Take a look at the color options we chose with some inspo from our Instagram beauties rocking it with these OFRA Cosmetics products:

  • Our newly revamped Eyeshadow ICE with primer that’s back with a new look and is super pigmented,long lasting and easy to use with just one step. No need for a primer beforehand!
  • The Fix Line Eyeliner Gel comes in multiple colors and glides on easily. Try a strong graphic line or layer up the colors for a fresh take on eyeliner this season.
  • OFRA’s Derma Minerals loose eye shadow is perfect for blending dry or wet and comes in dozens of beautiful high pigmented shades. Also, check out our eyeshadow palettes with tons of amazing shades all in one interchangeable magnetic palette!
  • Our Eyeliner Pencil comes in 13 unique shades that also double as lipliners! Formulated with beeswax for a smooth and long lasting finish, you can pair these pencils with any eyeshadow to take your look to a whole new level.
          Brown eyes: purples, blues, browns, gem tones, metallic - pretty much anything!
          (OFRA Cosmetics eye products used by: @aprilmiller_beauty, @makeupby_ev21, @makeupdolls)
          Hazel eyes: deep greens, purples, gem tones
          (More by @zoeyartistry, @makeupbyjmoraaa, @ahitsrosa)
          Blue eyes: greys, warm light tones, pinks, purples, greens, mauves, metallic, and earth tones.
          (Gorgeous blue eyed looks by: @nikkifrenchmakeup, @fashionandfoundation, @makeupwithtammy)
          Green eyes: pinks, blushes, warm reddish tones, violet, greys, taupe, and bronze
          (More by: @makeabella, @tinakpromua, @miaumauve)
          Grey eyes: teals, peach, coral, greys, charcoal
          (Grey eyed looks by: @keepitclassy_1, & @carolinebeautyinc)
          If you’re ever confused about what color to go for, remember that any complimentary color on the color wheel will play up your eyes and make them pop! Don’t be afraid to try a range of different shades and experiment with the extremity and pliability of each color. Makeup is all about having fun and expressing yourself!

          Keep up with us on Instagram to find more inspo & products used by our OFRA beauties and see what gorgeous looks they will come up with next!

          Written by Mariel Fernandez - OFRA Team Member


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