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Taking on the New Year


Every year we get sucked into the craze of the holidays and then decide we can make up for everything once the new year arrives. “A fresh start,” we tell ourselves, “this is my time!” and it very well can be if you push yourself to accomplish whatever goals and resolutions you set up for yourself. Some people go full throttle, wake up 5am, hit the gym for a work out, make their morning juice, head to work, do a 10-step skincare routine, meal prep, and find time for hobbies all while going to sleep at a decent hour and waking up early to repeat it all the next day (wait, are those my goals?). Seems like a lot! And for others, you may need to ease into the vast changes and take it little by little. No matter your speed, progress is still progress so keep doing you boo!


Pretty much the number one resolution we always see is simply taking better care of yourself! We all know that exercising is not just great for your appearance but is also a mood booster. So once you start hitting the gym, or working out at home, no matter how little you start out with, your mood and energy will begin to increase and you’ll feel like you can take on more. Our three new skin care products can be easily taken with you as you conquer your resolutions and add to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s say you’re more daring to wake up before work and hit the gym, (kudos to you!) You can start by prepping your skin with our Energizing Elixir that soothes and recharges your skin. It can also be used after a workout to sanitize and oxygenate the skin after a good sweat sesh. Once you’re ready to apply your makeup for the work day, gently wipe your face and neck area with the Perfecting Elixir (a micellar water) to remove any excess dirt and oils. Continue with our Cool as a Cucumber all-in-one moisturizer and primer to hydrate the skin and prime for optimal application and long-lasting makeup wear. You’re ready to start the day!


Not a morning person? Trust me, I totally understand! So maybe hitting the gym or a yoga class after work is more your speed. Whatever routine works for you, these three skin care items can be taken on-the-go or interchanged in your day-to-day lives to fit your needs. Maybe you’ll go hard at the gym five days a week, and the Energizing Elixir will become your new BFF. Or perhaps you want a cleansing, toning and moisturizing micellar water that does it all with our Perfecting Elixir, ideal for someone that doesn’t have time for multi-step skin prepping in their morning. Perhaps you’re more of a makeup junkie and going glam every day is your thing, Cool as a Cucumber will be your go-to when it comes to moisturizing day and night and for priming your makeup.  These multi-use products go hand in hand with whatever your New Year resolutions may be.

We're almost through January, but it's never too late to start so If you haven't already, there's no better time than the present to be proactive and get active. Cue Outkast's 'Git up, Git out' song for motivation.


How will you be using these three new products? 

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