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Are Alcohol in Cosmetics Bad For You?

We know what a concern seeing alcohol-based ingredients, or just any ingredient you can’t pronounce in products can be. We are here to help clear the air and explain why you do not need to be concerned with ingredients you may see in our products. First things first, alcohol is a vegan ingredient, which follows the standard for all OFRA products. Now, let’s jump right in!


Denatured Alcohol

Denatured Alcohol, otherwise known as Alcohol Denat., is actually a very common ingredient found in skincare products. In technical terms, denatured alcohol is ethyl alcohol that is no longer fit for drinking purposes. This chemical process then allows for the use of alcohol in cosmetic products. 


The reason this ingredient contributes to products is because it provides a quick-drying finish, while still achieving a weightless feel and removing any grease buildup. Quick-drying, weightless, AND grease removing, now what does that sound like it’d be perfect for?? Did someone say MAKEUP FIXER!

Our Makeup Fixer and Rose Makeup Fixer both have denatured alcohol to ensure that these products work to the best of its abilities all for you Beauties! The percentage is so small there is absolutely no scent of alcohol. This ingredient is used for drying time and long-wearing effects. 


Specially Denatured Alcohol

Specially denatured alcohol, also known as SD Alcohol is similar to denatured alcohol in many ways. Creating an alcohol that is unfit for drinking ensures that this form of the chemical can be used in beauty products, because let's be real, you're not trying to rub a vodka, water, lime on your face. 

You will find SD Alcohol in our Fruit Acid Lotion. This product is acne-fighting and brightening and is highly recommended for those with oily skin. The properties found in SD Alcohol, used in our Fruit Acid Lotion, will help strip skin of any excess oil. Check out the reviews on this product to learn more about the amazing results our customers have experienced.



Now this word… is a mouthful... but not to worry as it was declared safe to use in cosmetic products by the CIR Expert Panel. The CIR, known as the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association established in 1976, reviews the safety of cosmetic ingredients. This ingredient is present as a preservative.

Phenoxyethanol may sound like an alcohol, but it actually is NOT and has many different properties than alcohol. Phenoxyethanol is actually a glycol ether. Glycol ether is a property found in many cosmetic and toiletries because it helps products maintain their structure during extreme changes such as during shipping. According to the California’s Hazard Evaluation System and Information Service the properties of glycol ether are deemed safe. It can be found in the ingredients list of our Perfecting Elixir, our Essential Toner, and our Revitalizing Toner.


Still Not Into It?

If you are still worried about your overall skin sensitivity or dryness we have a couple “alcohol feel” alternatives that will provide the same pros of our other products. 

We teamed up with Talia Mar to create the West End Micellar Water. This product is extremely gentle on the skin; infused with Vitamin C and Aloe Vera.

If you are looking for an elixir that is suitable for all-skin types, try our Energizing Elixir. This elixir leaves skin feeling youthful while giving it a soothing glow. 

Hope this has helped you Beauties! If there are any other products or ingredients you would like us to dive into next comment them down below. 


 Written by: Rachel Fleischman






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