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Amazon Faves

ITS PRIME DAY! With the Amazon Prime deals flying left and right, our team got together and brought our must-have Amazon products. Check out what and why we love our picks! (P.S. Don't forget to shop our exclsuive Prime Day Deal and shop all our collabs 40% off. Enter here using with the password WEGLOW 🤫)

"I am obsessed with drinkware and bowls at the moment! Since spending more time at home and baking and cooking so much more, I have felt like I need to put what I cook into something just as pleasing. Making cafecito is no exception! These double-walled clear glass cups are a must. They look great, and for some reason, I feel like coffee and tea taste better in glass than ceramic. Find them here!"


"I LOVE Alexa! She helps me so much in the kitchen! From adding items to my grocery list to recommendations for the perfect wine to be paired with my meal. This is a must-have from Amazon"


"You can't have a good angle and bad lighting. Check out my ring light from Amazon here. This baby is the greatest and I love that there's different settings. All I have to do is put my phone in the holder, set the brightness, and use the blue tooth to take the perfect shot every single time. Especially when I do my blog looks. I honestly don't know how I was taking quality pictures prior to this purchase."


"My absolute favorite purchase from Amazon has to be my Silicone Face Mask Brushes. This doesn't only come with one, but TWO. One for you and a friend... or both for you 😉. Its the easiest, mess free way to go in with a face mask. Check out my skincare routine here (where I most def use this brush)."


"I love accessorizing my makeup looks, especially my body paintings and special fx looks. What better to accessorize with than a wig!  You can take your look to the next level! I love Amazon because when I get a crazy idea for a makeup look, I can find a wig for a good price and delivered within 2 day! It doesn't get better than that! Sometimes purple, sometimes yellow, sometimes green! Head over to our Halloween 2019 blog to see my yellow wig in action!"


"My favorite amazon product is hands down this coffee warmer! I bought it almost two years ago and I use it every single day. I have it on my desk at work and it keeps my coffee hot all day long so I don't have to worry about it getting cold or having to waste it. Best $10 I ever spent, you'll love it!"


"As someone who loves to journals, I always look for one on Amazon. There is such variety of styles! As a mother, student, and full-time employee, I have found that I need to take the time to relax and organize my priorities through journaling. Here is my most recent purchase!"



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