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 Today, June 26th, it’s time to celebrate National Beautician’s Day, for those wonderful people who help us look even more beautiful than we already are! So of course, they deserve to be appreciated on their special day. Beauticians go to school and train to keep up with the latest styles, the best products, treatments, and techniques in the beauty industry. What better way to learn the best beauty secrets than asking them directly? I spoke to OFRA’s very own beauticians and here is what they had to say:



Title: President/OFRA Cosmetics 

Certifications: Tinny International, New York   Semi-Permanent Make-Up Course. 

Matis, Paris Advanced training course of “Matis” products and treatments. 

Maria Galland and Rene Guinot, Paris. Completed cosmetic training courses with “Maria Galland” and “Rene Guinot” cosmetic brands.

Camelot Academy, Johannesburg, South Africa. Completed Electrolysis Blend method course and Semi-Permanent Make-Up course. 

Christine Schrammeck, Essen, Germany. Completed Aromatherapy course and cosmetic skin Herbal Deep Peeling course.

C.I.D.E.S.C.O. International Institute of Zurich, Johannesburg, South Africa. Completed Post Graduate C.I.D.E.S.C.O. course for Beauty Therapists/Aesthetician. (Highest qualification available to Beauty Therapist/Aesthetician worldwide). 

Secrets: “Always apply your eye cream on the top lip area and sides of your lips to prevent wrinkles later on in life. It’s also important to keep your lips soft before going to bed every night by applying the Vitamin E Lipstick. Equally important, remember to never go to sleep with makeup on and apply moisturizer every day, day and night. Lastly, I recommend that if you don't have time to apply concealer or color-correct (my favorite is the Magic Roulette) under your eyes, make sure to apply some blush and LLLL and you’ll be ready to conquer the day!” 



Title: Communication and Partnership Manager 

Certification: Makeup Course Completion at Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Secrets: “STAY HYDRATED! Not only from the inside by drinking water, but also by taking care of your skin to prevent it from never feeling tight and extremely dry! Your skin can age 5X quicker by not moisturizing! Even in the hot and humid 100-degree summer heat in Florida, I make sure to moisturize with our Vitamin C Cream or OFRA x TaliaMar Royalty Moisturizer every morning and evening. Also, don’t take short cuts and use a serum (the go-to serum I have been using for the past 4 years has been our Peptide Silk-C Serum)”



Title: Social Media/Customer Service

Certification: Fashion Makeup Artistry at Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry 

Secrets:Don't put in all your efforts in hiding your imperfections, embrace them and simply bring out your natural beauty. You don't always have to wear makeup to look radiant and beautiful. Sticking to a skincare routine and maintaining a balanced diet will help you achieve that perfect skin you've always wanted, no makeup needed. I love to use our Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser to start off with a fresh face in the morning and pair it with the Advanced Vitamin C Cream, it literally has my face glowing all day. Also, be patient with yourself if you can’t achieve a look you see on social media, gather the inspiration and add your personal touch to it.  Try new techniques every day until you find what works best for you, feel confident in yourself as it will show right through your work. Never be afraid of doing something the wrong way. The beauty of makeup is that there are no rules, it is a form of art where you express yourself freely.  Remember makeup if a form of art and two artists are never alike, don’t be afraid to create!”



Title: Legal Assistant

Certification: Self-taught

“Practice makes perfect. I didn't learn by going to a beauty school. I learned by experience and not following the exact thing other makeup artists were doing, however, I was highly inspired by them to let out my artistic talent and embrace their natural beauty through my makeup”

Secrets: “Apply ice before applying makeup as ice helps minimize oil production, it cures bumps and swelling, it brightens your complexion, and most importantly ICE TIGHTENS SKIN! I also spray my Perfecting Puff with Makeup Fixer instead of putting it in water and I spray my face before applying makeup. Lastly, I recommend ALWAYS starting your makeup off with eyeshadow, and never forget to apply mascara or fake lashes, as lashes make the face!”


Any Professional Beauticians who might have their own secrets or tips, make sure to comment down below in the comment section, and once again, Happy National Beautician’s Day!


Written by Mariela Aguilar


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  • Tips: Wash your face twice everyday I do it before makeup in the morning and at night before bed. Skin care is very important! Ofra has some awesome skin care products I use them everyday. 2nd if you are having problems with your foundation staying on it could be because the primer is oil based an the foundation is water or the other way around . So if you are having this problem try changing your foundation to oil based or what ever your primer is. Oil an water usually don’t miss very well. 3rd: spray some setting spray or fix plus on your face before applying your highlighter it will make it glow to the gods. I know some put it on the brush which works as well but it can also not be good getting your highlighter wet so that’s why I say spray it on the face before applying instead. 4th: when applying your bronzer if you are noticing harsh lines try using a softer touch when applying the bronzer that way your not making harsh lines at the beginning that your gonna have to work so hard blending out. 5th: If your foundation/ powder is looking dry on the skin an not looking smooth. Try using your setting spray multiple times throughout your makeup process an at then at the end. 6th make sure your mascara is dry before moving your eyes around to much so it don’t spread under or on top of the eyes. 7th put bronzer under the lip an a lil around the lip to make the lips look bigger. 8th If you have dry skin but still want to use powder but notice you look super dry afterwards try not baking an just putting it on for a min or so then wiping it off. Also exfoliate a couple times a week. There’s so much more maybe I’ll post some tips later as well hope this helps.

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