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Beauty Trends Around the World


The United States is well-known for our cat-eyes, defined eyebrows and highlighted skin, however, all around the world, there is an array of beauty trends that have popped up in recent months. Check out these popular looks and how you can duplicate using OFRA products…


The latinas use a bold lip that perfectly compliments their bronzed skin. Use the RCK Luminous Body Glow to give yourself a natural tan appearance and finish off the look with the Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Milan



Brazilians are known for their voluminous eyelashes which they mirror with lined lower lashes. The Eyeliner Pencil can be used to mimic this Brazilian look by dotting the lashline and brushing it out. Don’t forget to use the HD Volumizing Mascara to lengthen and define lashes.



As one of the UK’s most well-known actresses is Cara Delevingne, it is no surprise that their current beauty trend would be bold brows. Their slightly arched and thick brows can be achieved using the Eyebrow Gel or Signature Eyebrow Quintet.



With the salsa and flamenco comes to the popular red lip and luxurious lashes of Spain. This flirty look can be accomplished with the Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Atlantic City and the HD Volumizing Mascara.



France largely takes part in the strobing movement as they highlight the light-catching parts of their face which resemble our trend here in the United States. You can use any of the OFRA highlighters like Rodeo Drive or Beverly Hills to give yourself their fresh and dewy look.



Sweden often uses a grey-beige lip for a cool toned finish to their look. Almost like a nude lip, you can use our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Staten Island and Dubai to give your makeup routine a little edge.



The current trend in India seems to be a pop of color on the eyes. They use a bright blue, green or pink eyeliner which is usually paired with a pastel eyeshadow. To achieve this look, you can use Fixline Eyeliner Gel in a bright color and contrast it with a pastel shade in the Must Have Mattes Palette or Dazzling Diamonds Palette if you want a more shimmery look.



The Japanese are known for their sweet doll face that makes their skin look silky and young. They wear fake lashes on a daily occasion and blush high on their cheeks to give the appearance of wider eyes. You can use the HD Volumizing Mascara for bold lashes and finish it off with Mai Tai Blush.


Inspired by some of these beauty trends around the world? Us too! Let us know if you'll be trying any and if you know any others we haven't mentioned! 



 Written by OFRA Intern- Rachel Harrypersad


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