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Best Uses for Lipliner


Best Uses for Lipliner

(@agapelovegirl Wearing @OFRAcosmetics 'Mauve' Lipliner & 'Pasadena' Liquid Lipstick as shown in our previous blog post -Six Tips to Achieve a Full Pout!)


If you’re like me, I never thought of using lipliner before I started working for a cosmetics company. I never saw the point. As I started to learn more about lip application techniques, lipliner has become a staple item in my bag! Lipliner is a preference. Some cannot live without it while others pass on it regularly.  With OFRA’s Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks, using a lipliner is not necessary as the applicator gives you a precise application. However, lipliner can come in handy to add increased definition to the lips.


If you have thin or uneven lips (which most people do), using a lipliner that is a shade darker than your natural lip color will make them appear more defined, instantly fuller and symmetrical. One of the reasons I love lipliner is because I have uneven lips and, without it, my lipstick can look misshaped due to the unevenness.  You can even draw the line a bit above your natural line – also referred to as “overdrawing” - for a fool-proof fuller looking pout… without the injections.


Lipliner works as a great “primer” for your lipstick almost like how a base coat functions for your nails before a manicure - not completely necessary but always a good option. It will also make your lipstick last longer and prevent fading or the hassle of reapplication. Wherever you might go – school, work, dinner or dancing with friends – you don’t want to be bothered with too many touch ups. Fill in your lips completely with the lipliner of your choice before applying lipstick. The waxy consistency will help lock in the pigment longer.


OFRA offers a variety of different lip products. If long wear is what you’re going for, be wary of moisturizing lipstick formulas as these tend to bleed out to the edges of the mouth more than matte formulas. Lipliner often acts as a barrier to hold in your lip product from exceeding your lips’ edges. It’s best to use a more natural toned lipliner for this technique. Try dabbing concealer around your mouth and setting with a loose powder, like our Translucent Highlighting Luxury Powder, before applying your lippie of choice. This technique is sure to keep your lip products in place and long-lasting.


Some people opt for just using a lipliner on their lips with nothing else on top. Lipliner can be substituted for matte lipstick and will last just as long, if not longer.


With so many lip products and shades to choose from, we’ve paired a few of our favorites together to help choose the best matches of lippies and lipliners we offer! See them below:



Now knowing how and when to use lipliner, will you be choosing to add it to your lip routine more often?

Comment below with your thoughts or any questions!




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  • Is there a list of all the liners that match with each liquid lipstick. I thought I saw one on the website but I could be mistaken.

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