Brow Dos and Don’ts

Posted on 05 August 2016

Brow Dos and Don’ts


Some of us may have had bad waxing experiences, accidentally having them over plucked or shaped too thin; Maintaining your eyebrows yourself is something we should all practice so we can always keep those bad boys in shape! But harsh lines and sparsely filled-in brows are not the way to go!  Eyebrows are essential to your everyday look. Especially here in Florida where it always feels like summer, the heat will have your perfectly beat face slide right off. Adapting your brow routine is a must with hot and humid weather to keep your brows “on fleek”.

Whether you’re following the bold brow trend or just trying to keep them maintained, the best way to achieve a more natural look is to imitate the appearance of natural hairs by drawing on short strokes. Make sure to overlap them so they appear fuller and lush.  Never use solid thick lines to fill in your brows unless you’re going for a clown look (odds are you’re not dressing up for Halloween on the daily). OFRA’s Eyebrow Gel comes in eight different shades and can be applied with our Angle Brush #4 for an even, easy application. A little goes a long way so start by applying just a little bit because you can always build it up if necessary! Our Eyebrow Gel is a semi-permanent waterproof gel that gives you a precise eyebrow shape while maintaining a natural look.  Its unique waterproof formula makes it incredibly durable throughout balmy summer days whether you’re swimming, hitting the gym or running errands.


Tip: Using both a lighter and darker shade to contour the eyebrow creates an even more natural look. The tail of the brow should be the darkest part gradually getting lighter to the front of the brows where the hair is naturally thinned out and more separated.


If eyebrow gel isn’t for you, try using a pencil like OFRA’s Universal Eyebrow Pencil. This may be a good starting point for you until you feel ready to work your way up. The eyebrow pencil is formulated with synthetic beeswax for a soft and smooth long-lasting application.

Feel more comfortable using a powder? OFRA’s got you covered with our Signature Eyebrow Quintet containing five shades to suit all skin tones for a perfectly natural brow look. Use Brush #4 or #16 for easy application! It can be used wet or dry depending on the precision you desire.


Tip: If things get a little messy and you need to clean up the edges, use a concealer that matches your skin tone to even out any mistakes you may have made along the way.


For an all-over makeup finish that will last from morning well into the night, you can use our Makeup Fixer spray. This light and refreshing mist will set your full makeup look and prolong its hold. Its alcohol-free formula protects your makeup by creating a light, invisible film that feels comfortable on the skin while providing continuous hydration. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Chamomilla Flower Extract and Vitamin E this makeup fixer mist protects skin against external damage from the environment.


What type of products do you use in your brow routine?

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Written by Mariel Fernandez – OFRA Team Member

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