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Celebrating Earth Day With Your Favorite OFRA Products


There are many ways you can reduce your waste. From refusing disposables to quitting plastic bottles, we can all take small steps to live a more sustainable lifestyle. With Earth Day fast approaching, we thought it was important to touch on how your favorite OFRA products are Earth-friendly, and how you can master the art of sustainability with your favorite OFRA products.

In the past, we’ve celebrated National Beach Day and we wrote about the importance of keeping our beaches clean. We are proud to be not just cruelty-free, but also vegan, and we take pride in the way we manufacture and consciously choose our packaging. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can reuse, recycle, and upcycle some of your favorite OFRA products.




Did you know that all our professional palettes are magnetic? You can easily remove the pans from your eyeshadow and highlighter palettes and replace them with a brand-new godet. Meaning, when you run out of your favorite shade in your On the Glow Palette (mine’s Rodeo Drive), all you need to do is get the godet and replace the old shade with a new one. Not only are you reusing the packaging, but you’re also saving a bit of money too. Hello? Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the Earth saying yaaas girl, keep on glowing and reuse that packaging! 😊


Our Island Time Collection Blushes and the OFRA X NIKKIETUTORIALS Collection come in a magnetic base compact. I know for sure when I run out of Bellini I’m reusing my packaging and only getting the godet. We wrote a blog post not too long ago explaining how to remove the godet pans from their compact. All you need is a bobby pin and you’re all set!





How many times have you heard the word recycle? I know I’ve heard it at least 200 times in my lifetime, if not more! Now, I’m sure you know the basics on how to separate your plastics from your aluminums, or how you need to wash that milk jug before putting it in the recycling bin (keeps the bugs away). We can’t talk about recycling without touching on the importance of separating your plastics from your paper products, which is ultimately the key to mastering the sometimes-confusing nature of recycling.


Highlighter and Blushes 

When you place your next order for Glow Goals (I know you want to!) and you take it out of its box, make sure to separate the plastic insert from the paper box and recycle it accordingly. You can easily remove this plastic insert by using a sharp object. The end result should look like this:


Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

For your liquid lipsticks, make sure you are removing the label with the shade name and you’re tossing it in the trash bin. The box can be recycled in the paper bin, and since our lippie box doesn’t have a plastic insert, there’s no need to take the extra step to remove it. 😊


Long Lasting Liquid Lip Set 

Did you happen to get one of our lip sets during our Glam Hour recently? To properly dispose of its packaging, you need to remove the paper insert that holds the lippies and toss that in the recycled paper bin. The plastic box can easily be recycled by throwing it in the plastic bin. See? I told you this was easy!



I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the three R’s of recycling (reduce, reuse, recycle), but have you ever heard of upcycling? It’s essentially the cousin of reusing, but in the sense that its purpose is to give a product, or in this case packaging, a brand-new life by finding a creative way to reuse it.


A few weeks ago, we reorganized the studio space where we film our Facebook Lives and also shoot some of our social media posts. We ended up upcycling some of our empty mask containers into lip liner holders! We organized the lip liners by color range, so we separated them by nudes, reds, and pinks.  All we did was remove the label from the container to give the jars that minimalist vibe. Every time I walk in the studio, my eyes immediately gravitate towards them. They’re so cute!


Next time you treat yourself to a new OFRA blush, highlighter, or lippie, remember you don’t need to send all our packaging to landfill. Let’s celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd and keep on celebrating our beautiful planet every day.


With highlighter so glowy it can be seen from space, why not show Miss Planet Earth how cute and glowy she can be too? Venus is shaking.



Written by OFRA Team Member- Joselyne Hernandez











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