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Contouring Essentials


Contouring is one of those trends we were on the fence about as we came to a close of 2017 looking back on a year of some of the best and worst trends we've seen. Extreme contouring (including chest, neck and other body parts) was not a favorite, however, a well applied subtle contour to the face can really make a difference in your appearance and enhance your features so we’re still here for it!


Social media team member Gabby hopped on IG live today to give you guys a quick tutorial with some products you can use to get that perfect contour and highlight. She’s even included a giveaway of her top products you can enter to win right now on our Instagram, here’s what it includes:



  1. Skin Sculpting Wands- come in a set with two highlight and two contour shades
  2. Perfecting Puff- for seamless blending of the Skin Sculpting Wands. These items can conveniently be bought together in a set!
  3. On the Glow Palette- includes bronzers and highlighters to set that contour in place and give you that glow to finish it off.

Gabby also mentions that OFRA has a Professional Contouring & Highlighting Cream Palette that is perfect for any makeup artist to carry in their kit or to take on the go and will also give you a little more variety when it comes to shades. Just depends on your preference and how you like to apply your contour! She also touches on some of the other fan-favorite highlighters not included in the On the Glow Palette like OFRA x NikkieTutorials Everglow highlighter and Bali from our Island Time Collection. With an assortment of different brushes in the OFRA collection, applying your contour and highlight can be achieved with ease. Don’t forget that last spritz of Makeup Fixer to ensure your makeup lasts from day to night and you’re all set!


Check out some of the OFRA Beauties using these products!

(From top left to bottom right: @bylauren_, @iamlindaelaine, @hollyboon__, @khindahawari & @napturalelenore)

Don't they look stunning?! 




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