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Day & Night Makeup Using One Palette ft. Glitch 2000 Eyeshadow


When we created the first Glitch Palette we knew it would be special, but we didn't realize how accurate a glitch in 2020 would be. So we decided to create a sister palette, Glitch 2000, with neutrals and jewel tones to make the perfect pair. While we've been socially distancing and staying home so that we can stay safe, we have really been missing creating looks from day to night, since our days are our nights and vice-versa right now. But, we miss getting glam so we decided to create looks for both. Enjoy!


I love to be able to put one palette in my makeup bag at a time, so I need something that's versatile enough to go from day to night, but I also want to be able to play, so it can just be neutrals. For my daytime look with Glitch 2000 I wanted something simple but that was a little different than just popping Corduroy all over the lid. As If was really calling my name. So I used it all over the lid, but I changed up my application style as I moved through the lid. I applied Eye Gel Primer just to the mobile lid, and then with a flat eyeshadow brush with Makeup Fixer applied As If just to that part alone. Then with a blending brush, I applied to the rest of the lid making gradient effect. I added Chick Lit and River to my cheeks with a pop of Neptune for my highlighter and Verona with Dash in the middle for my lips for the final touches of the first look.

To transition this look to night, I wanted to be a little bolder but still have more of a wash of color rather than adding a winged look, so I decided to go with a brush draping look. I mixed As If and Bring It On on a small blush brush and in a backward "E" shape went from the center of my lid to cheekbone and from the center of my lid to my temple applying the color and draping it on the skin. After blending that in, on the cheekbones and temples, with a highlighter brush, I swiped on a mixture of Posh, Bling, and That's Hot to highlight (which is what I love about this palette, it can be used for everything!). For a little pop, I added Space Baby to the brow bone and inner corner of the eye and Posh on the lower lashline. Even though I went pretty bold on the eye look, it still had this etherealness to it, so to make it edgy I added Portland to my lips.


I love the new Glitch 2000. It’s a very versatile palette. You can use it for various looks like natural, eccentric, fun, and professional. I love it so much! Since the day I got it I haven’t stopped using it. You can use it for an accent color or for an entire look! Literally this palette can do it all. I love using it by itself or pairing it with its sister the original, Glitch Palette. 

I wanted to create a day look but with a little bit of a kick! So, I created this look using the shade, That's Hot all over the eye and topped it with Bling. For that extra kick, I used our Fixline in black so the look says daytime but dangerous! For my evening look, I wanted to create a romantic look and I knew Corduroy and Razr would be perfect for it! They are shimmery and dark but not so dark that it would overwhelm the look and I topped the brow bone with Bling


 So it would be no surprise to anyone that I was going to use Chill Pill in my look since it is my favorite color from the Glitch 2000's palette. I really wanted to show how I have been using this shade most days that I'm wearing this palette. I have been into doing a colorful smokey wing using shadows during the day, usually a purple or a green. I like using shadows for this and smoking it out because you don't have to be super precise and perfect with it. I used my bronzer, River, in my crease, and then used Chill Pill to create a small smoked wing on my upper lash line. I also added the bronzer to my lower lash line and used Bling (probably my next favorite shade) to highlight my inner corners. To finish my day time look I used our HD Volumizing Mascara, Chick Lit blush, Start Inspired highlighter, and Verona on my lips. Now if I'm on the go and have to transition my look quickly I wanted to make sure I kept it nice and simple. I used my finger to swipe Chill Pill all over my lid to really make it the star of the show. Then I took Bark and blended it into my crease to help deepen up this look. I intensified the highlight on my face and in my inner corners to make sure it would be poppin', even at night! Since my eyes were bolder I kept Verona on my lips because I thought it worked well together.


For look 1 I used That's Hot all over the lid with a bit of Courdoroy on the outer corner for added depth. I also used Slip Flexi Slick on the lips for a soft everyday color. It's definitely a look I would wear on a regular basis. For look 2 I added Posh and Bring It On to the Middle/Outter corner while deepening up the outer corner further with Courdoroy and Razr. I finished off with Bring It On on the lower lashline and Bling on the inner eye corners and brow bones. to complete this look I opted for a darker lippie in Hypno. I love the neutral and jewel tones in this palette! You can def. go more natural and use one or two shades or go really bold for a night out!


 Did you see any looks you loved? Any you want to try? Let us know in the comments or tag us on Insta with #OFRAbeauties. We'll see you next time!

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  • Both pallets looks amazing! I personally think I like the Glitch 2000 pallet more, the colors more my style! All the looks are GORGEOUS!

    Amanda Boling on

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