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This week we decided to have some fun here at OFRA, and what better way to do so than with a makeup challenge!? I asked four of my lovely and talented coworkers to join the challenge by using the Dazzling Diamonds Pro Palette to create an eyeshadow look using only one row out of the four in the palette to complete it. 

Shop the Pro Palette: Dazzling Diamonds

Our Dazzling Diamonds Pro Palette was the one we chose as it’s the perfect palette to get our creative makeup juices flowing!

 To fairly split it up, we raffled the rows and whoever chose it would have to stick to creating a look with that row only. We were so stoked, we decided to start right away and put our skills to the test. Check out the results and see what everyone had to say:

Let the Challenge Begin

1st Column: Rachel

“I started by putting Bliss all over. then used Gold Rush in the crease to deepen it up, then used Millennium White to pop the inner corner, then used Ultra Violet on my lower lash line for a pop of color.

The challenge wasn't too hard for me because it was neutral colors that I typically play around with. I did struggle with where to put the bright blue and it was hard with no transition color!”

2nd Column: Carine

“The first step of my eye look was using the shade Millennium Gold all over my lid as a base color. I then added Pink Petal into the center of my lid and blended in the shade Divine, a beautiful bronze gold shade, towards the end of my lids. I also blended Divine into Pink Petal to make that shade more rose gold so that each shade seamlessly transition into one another without harsh lines. 

The most difficult/challenging part of my column was to figure out how I would use Envious, which is a light green shimmer shade, in this eye look without it sticking out like a sore thumb, lol! That’s where my lower lash line saved the day as I applied Envious only to my lower lash line. This helped me create a nice pop of color while allowing all the shades on my lid to still look cohesive as a whole :)”

3rd Column: Mariela

"The first shade I went in with was Gold as my crease shade, then I used Royal all over the lid, Plastic in my inner corner to lighten up the look, and finally a mix of Royal and Blue Jeans on my lower lash line.

This challenge was so fun to do! I tried to make this look subtle but colorful allowing me to wear it as an everyday look. It was deff a little challenging to incorporate Blue Jeans into the eyeshadow look, but Ashley gave me the idea to use it in my lower lash line and it worked!”

4th Column: Ashley

“I used Glamour as my crease shade, Plum all over the lid, popped Essential in the lower part of my lid and used Plum and Exquisite on the lower lash line.

I don't follow rules well, so I stole one of Mariel’s colors and used Sublime to highlight my brow bone.

This challenge was so much fun; it forced me to try something new as I'm not usually a shimmer girl.”

5th Column: Mariel

"I used Victory as my crease shade, Destiny Blue shade all over my lid and Bohemian as my outer corner shade to deepen up the look and add depth. I then used a mix of Destiny Blue and Sublime to create a purple shade on my lower lash line.

This was def. a challenge for me but forced me to think outside the box in how I could create new shades with the ones I have and make this a wearable look!"

We truly all killed it, but who do you Beauties think nailed the challenge? Let us know in the comment section below! :P

Written by Mariela Aguilar


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