Posted on 22 September 2016


The one and only, OFRA Cosmetics


Yet again we’ve found another imitation company trying to sell products as OFRA, this time seen on Instagram. Photos have been circulating of a waterproof liquid eyeliner pen being sold in “OFRA” packaging. We are here to warn you of the fakes and to steer clear of products not made from OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories themselves.

If you haven’t already, take a look back at our previous article on How to Spot Fake Makeup with helpful tips on how to identify an authentic OFRA product.


OFRA does NOT sell or make Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners- this is NOT our product! While the package design is almost exact to the real one, we have a black glossy package (right) as opposed to the black matte finish on the fake packaging (left). You can also see the difference in the authentic OFRA logo in how close together and unspaced it is in the fake and flat as opposed to the real OFRA packaging that’s logo is embossed and you can see is slightly raised from the packaging.


It is always best to buy directly from the OFRA Cosmetics website or one of our trusted distributors to ensure you are receiving an authentic OFRA product. For a full list of all OFRA international distributors, check here! If you ever have any doubt or question whether something is sold by us or real please do not hesitate to email support@ofracosmetics.com with any concerns!

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