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Want to spend some quality time with your dad on Father’s Day that doesn’t include watching sports? Pamper him with facials (maybe even by the pool!) that will make his skin glow. Put together a DIY coupon book that he can use to redeem personalized facials using his new favorite OFRA products.  What better way to say ‘I love you’ than with the promise of clean, hydrated skin!




Cleansing is an essential step that most of us do morning and night to keep our skin clean. But cleansing before a facial is equally important, as it removes any surface-level dirt that you don’t want to get trapped underneath masking.  Rinse the skin with warm water and then apply the OFRA Vitamin C Cleanser (in this easy-to-use pump, on sale for $17 through Father’s Day) in circular motions all over your dad’s face.  Have him rinse or use a facial sponge, leaving his skin a bit damp for the next step.



Now that his pores have been opened with the warm water and initial cleansing step, use the *new* OFRA x Talia Mar Tea and Biscuits Vitamin C Scrub (on sale for $23 through Father’s Day) to slough off any dead skin, so the mask can more effectively target his problem areas.  Rinse the skin with warm water and pat dry. The addition of warm water throughout the first two steps will slowly open the pores, allowing the mask to sink into the skin and clean it properly.


To ensure that the ingredients within the mask work to their full potential, take a cotton round, add a few pumps of the OFRA Essential Toner (on sale for $14 through Father’s Day), and wipe the cotton round all over the face.  You may need to add more product depending on how dry your dad’s face is, at it may soak up more product.  This toner also makes the perfect gift because your dad can use it as an aftershave that will keep his skin free of any pesky irritation or razor burn.


Now time for the mask(s).  Since you’re pampering your dad, why not use two masks instead of one?  On the t-zone, use the OFRA Volcanic Clarifying Mask (on sale for $27 through Father’s Day) to draw oil and dirt out of his pores.  On the rest of the face, use the OFRA Moisture Repair Mask (on sale for $27 through Father’s Day) to heal any dry patches and take years off the skin-- goodbye wrinkles.  You can leave them on for about 15 minutes before rinsing the face and patting it dry with a washcloth.



Serums have ingredients that are much more concentrated than those in the average moisturizer, making it essential to apply them directly after a mask to add moisturizing properties back into the skin.  Gently massage the OFRA Ingrown Hair Serum (on sale for $13 through Father’s Day) into your dad’s face (especially where he shaves) and urge him to use it on a daily basis before and after shaving to reduce ingrown hairs! Want to give Dad an extra special treat? Whip out a jade roller that's been cooling off in the fridge, if you have one, to up the blood flow to the face and help debuff it.



To seal in all your hard work, apply the OFRA Oil-Free Moisturizer (on sale for $27 through Father’s Day).  It will soften the skin and can be left on overnight or throughout the day.



The final step is optional, but may be necessary depending on your dad’s skin type.  If he’s oily, chances are he may have a few spots on his face from built-up dirt stuck in his pores.  Apply a very thin layer of the OFRA Drying Lotion (on sale for $17 through Father’s Day) on any pimples or blackheads to get rid of them in no time.

Be sure to shop our Father’s Day sale, which includes all the skin care products in this post and more, in order to restock on some of your favorites and pick up some treats for Dad!

Written by Annika Polatsek


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