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Fave Lippie Combos Using OFRAxJenLuvsReviews

Hey, Beauties! With the recent launch of our lippie collab with JenLuvsReviews, it was only right that our team played around with some products to find their fave lip combo. If you didn't know, Jen created an innovative trio of lipstick shades meant for mixing in with shades you already have in your collection. The more lippies the merrier! Check out our combos below!

My Favorite lip combo at the moment is Vermillion with Reimagine. I'm a sucker for a bold red lip, and I love reliving my 90's youth with a darker base to my red lip and this combo does it for me!


I love a good nude! This is clear in my choice of the combo Aspen+ Reimagine+ Bare Lip Gloss; So naturally, I tested out some other combos like Dubai and Reimagine which I absolutely loved! I also really enjoyed Rio and Reimagine for a softer peachy nude. I am not big into purples but just to try it out I took Las Vegas which is a brighter purple color and added Reimagine, it def. softened it up and made it deeper and more wearable! It's been fun coming up with combos and can't wait to see what I mix up next!


The best combo I've found using the trio was Palo Alto + Reimagine. I've also tried Reimagine + Fuzzy and felt like that was a vibe as well, but lately Chestnut lip liner + Revive + Glossip over top has been my everyday look. As I get more into lipsticks i'll definitely experiment with more color combos.


My fave combo is Monaco & Revive that I have found so far! With a bright, metallic shade like Monaco and a light, soft shade like Revive, when the two are mixed together it creates the perfect pinky nude for my skin tone. Not only is the shade beautiful, but Revive drowns out the metallic shift in Monaco, creating an everyday shade for me.


My favorite lip combo that I've mixed so far has been Aspen and Reimagine. I love a good nude lip! This combo created a deep brown nude and I loved it! Another one of my favorite combos have been to mix Revive with our black lipstick, The Bronx. When mixed, it creates such a fun and cool lippie. There's and endless amount of combos to make and I can't wait to keep trying more!


One of my favorite lip combos I've tried so far has been mixing Portland with Revive. Everyone knows I love a good brown lip and Portland is my go-to in the fall so I love I can lighten it up with Revive to make Portland a go-to brown nude too! I'm not someone to usually mix lipsticks because I don't like mixing the product on the applicators so I start mixing the combo on my hand. I put dots of the different shades and keep adding until I get the color just right. I like using brush #31 to mix and apply the color on my lips. Another combo I've really loved was mixing Story and Refine, it ends up giving me purple vibes. I have loved mixing these shades and have more on my bucket list like Manila with Reimagine and Bel Air with Refine!



 Love a good lippie? Let us know in the comments which combo you'll be trying out. And don't forget to stay up to date with us on our Instagram @ofracosmetics.



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