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Festival season is here Beauties, so when it comes to makeup it’s time to go big or go home! If there is ever a time when you want to broaden your horizons and diversify your makeup choices, this is it.

Festival season also means that the weather is most likely very hot and humid, so whether you are going for a colorful and dazzling look or something more subtle, you need makeup that will last throughout the day, so before we get into the makeup look, here are some extra #OFRAapproved tips for you beauties to keep in mind.


This is not your regular every-day routine, its time to step out of the norm and reach for the makeup that you wish you could wear every day but can’t.  When it comes to festival makeup, my approach: less is more? NOPE, more is more! :D

The following are the steps and products I used to create a colorful, shimmery look.


Absolute Cover Face Primer: Primers are a must during summers due to their ability to keep products in place without melting off. For a festival, I love a heavy-duty primer that reduces the appearance of large pores while making the skin look smooth and ready for more application. I usually apply this all over my face with a tapping motion especially around the areas with the largest pores. After applying, wait about three minutes, and I promise this primer will literally glue makeup to your face while keeping oils under control!

Absolute Cover Foundation #4: I love this foundation because it’s a buildable formula that can take you from a medium to full coverage. For this look, I did not want to hold back, so I went for a full coverage finish using a damp  perfecting puff in tapping motions to apply all over the face and neck for an even look. This long-lasting and oil-free foundation never fails to leave my skin flawless and does wonders to keep shine at bay all day. Of course, it's impossible to not sweat at a festival so keep reading for more products that I will be using to help the foundation not budge and stay as matte as possible.

Corrector Tri Pot - Lite: This tri-pot is so convenient to use because it has three shades that allow me to conceal and contour away all blemishes and imperfections.  Tip: Choose two shades darker than your foundation to contour (I used the darkest shade), and one shade lighter to highlight and conceal (I used the lightest shade) to get that KKW look. To apply, start off with the lighter shade to create dimension by drawing an upside-down triangle underneath your eyes, a small triangle on the center of your forehead, a line down the nose and a couple of dots on the chin with the #11 brush. Next, use the #20 brush to apply contour along your cheekbones and a few dots under your hairline, and along your jawline. Lastly, blend everything out with the dampened perfecting puff starting with the concealer and then moving on to the contour by gently tapping the product into your face.

Translucent Highlighting Powder: To set concealer I recommend going in with a dry sponge and dab on some powder everywhere in where you concealed while avoiding all the areas in which you contoured.


Eye Gel Primer: Before getting to the fun part, for a long-lasting eyeshadow look prep your lids with this primer as it will help eyeshadows go on more vividly and prevent creases. To apply I dab two dots in each eye and lightly blend out with the perfecting puff.

Pro Palette Bright Addictions: AKA the absolute star palette for a festival look! I’m so obsessed with this palette because as the name says it has super bright and powerfully pigmented colors that blend seamlessly. To apply, I used the following brushes and shades:

#3 brush: Deep Purple &  Bright Blue

#16 brush: Ocean Blue

#11 brush: Bright Yellow

#25 brush: Pink Lady & Fire Orange

Tip: spray the brushes with Makeup Fixer before application and clean between shades for an even bolder and neat look.

Verified Liquid Liner: The struggle is usually so real when attempting to do a perfect wing, but this liquid liner has CHANGED. MY. LIFE! I can finally create bold black wings thanks to the ultra-fine tip for a laser-like application.  To apply, I first start out by drawing a line from the outer corner of the eye up at an angle and then draw a line towards the inner corner of the eye. Lastly, fill in and smooth out the rest. Done!

HD Volumizing Mascara-Black: Finish the eye look with long and beautiful lashes. This mascara is seriously volumizing just like the name says! To apply, remove the wand from the tube by twisting back and forth to get product instead of pumping it up and down. Next, wipe off excess mascara and begin to apply by placing the wand against the base and wiggling it through your lashes. I was trying to go for a “fake lash” look so I did three coats ;) #ExtraExtra

Eyebrow Gel - Khaki: This eyebrow gel is like a literal henna tattoo, so it is absolutely PERFECT for a festival because it will not budge. I promise it will outlast humidity, rain, and sweat! To apply, use the #1 brush for feathery and precise strokes to shape your brows to perfection. Tip: use a light hand because a little product goes a long way!


Bronzer - Americano: You can skip this step if you’re satisfied with your contour and don't want to add any more dimension, BUT like I said I’m going for that extra AF look so you know I didn’t skip this step! To apply, use the #27 angle brush to buff the bronzer on top of your contour and make sure to bring it down to the neck by using swift motions.

Tip: suck in your cheeks to help you figure out the best angles for the perfect slimming effect on your face.

Blush - Punch: To brighten my face, I like to add a hint of a rosy tint to my cheeks, and this is the perfect shade for that! To apply, use the #22 blush brush and softly smile to find the apples of your cheeks and begin to brush onto your skin in circular motions until fully blended.

Highlighter - Rodeo Drive: There are so many amazing shades to choose from, so I stared at my highlighter collection for about five minutes (I’m not the only one that does this right?!)  to finally settle for the one my heart always ends up choosing - my beloved Rodeo Drive. To apply, wet the #7 fan brush with the makeup fixer for intense shine and begin to highlight the areas you want to accentuate. I used it on the top of my cheekbones and the tip of my nose. Next, I used the #31 brush for the cupid’s bone, the inner corner of my eyes, and on the brow bone.  Tip: For even more glow you can use this highlighter on the collarbone and shoulders!

Finishing Touches

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick - Pasadena: If it has “long-lasting” in the name, then definitely go for that lipstick! I chose this subtle pink-brown shade to compliment the bold eye look. To apply, first outline and then fill in your lips for the perfect pout. Next, light up the glam with the Luminous Lips Clear Lip Gloss.

Makeup Fixer: Will my makeup be able to last through the warmth, sun, humidity, and all the dancing? YES! This setting spray lasts for 12 hours and can be used throughout the day to refresh the face. To apply, spray three to five times all throughout the face.




Time to Get Out There and Glow

Don’t forget to bring these babies for any touchups you might need throughout the day!

Micro Makeup Fixer

Pressed Banana Powder

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick - Pasadena

Lip Gloss Luminous Lips

Let me know if you Beauties would do anything different, or drop some makeup inspo for more festival look ideas!


Written by Mariela Aguilar



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