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Five Minutes to Flawless: Makeup for Moms On the Go

Moms know all about multitasking- it’s a big part of their everyday lives! Whether they’re working or stay-at-home moms, they always have their hands full with a million different responsibilities.  Makeup, of course, is not a priority of the long list of things to do, but putting on makeup in the morning is a nice way to take time out of the day that is solely for the purpose of pampering! Here’s a step-by-step routine that’s quick and easy to follow, perfect for rushed mornings or relaxed days off.   



If you can spare the time these two items can make a huge difference! Massage the Absolute Cover Face Primer all over your face to keep your makeup on all day long.  To tighten any wrinkles you may have, apply the Face Lifting Flash Primer around the eye area and mouth.



Brighten your face by applying the Skin Sculpting Wand under your eyes, to the bridge of your nose, in between your eyebrows, on the tops of your cheekbones, and just above your lip.  

TIP: To warm up the product for the most natural result, tap in the product with your fingers.

Concealer will help brighten up any dark spots and make you appear more awake even with the lack of sleep you really might be getting!



This step is a two-in-one: it will act as your setting powder for the concealer and as a quick alternative to foundation.  Apply a light dusting of the Derma Mineral Powder Foundation all over your face, especially under the eyes so your concealer doesn’t crease, with Powder Brush #8.



Use a mix of the matte and shimmery bronzer in the California Dream Triangle and apply on the perimeter of the face in the shape of a three with Blush Brush #22, starting from the forehead, curving down towards the cheekbones, and finishing at the jawline for a healthy glow.  Apply a pop of color to your cheeks and blend with the blush shade in the California Dream Triangle, using the same brush.



Fill in your brows using the Universal Eyebrow Pencil.  Be sure to use light, feathery strokes for the most natural result.



Using Blending Brush #21, blend the matte bronzer shade from the California Dream Triangle into your crease for a bit of definition.  Next, apply eyeliner to the upper lash line with the Eyeliner Pencil in shades Black or Brown, depending on your preference.  Finally, apply a coat or two of the HD Volumizing Mascara. A quick and easy eye look to pull you together!




For a moisturizing lip color that will stay on during your busy day, try out one of our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick shades. With over 50 shades that range from bright reds to soft nudes, you’re bound to find one you love!



To lock in your makeup, spritz the Makeup Fixer all over your face.


Got any mommy makeup tips? Share them in the comments section below!



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