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Full-Face Looks with all Black-Owned Beauty Brands

 Who else needed some positivity with Beauty after a whirlwind of events this past week? With everything going on this week we felt it was more than the perfect time to showcase brands outside of our own that we have partnered with in the past and are also just fans of. We decided to create full-face looks dedicated to products from Black-Owned beauty brands. Check out the looks we created from brands such as Juvia's Place, Fenty Beauty, Pat McGrath, and so much more. 


When I heard we were doing a dedicated blog to a bunch of well deserving Black-Owned brands I couldn’t help but to dive into my collection and pull them all out. Everything was so exciting to use and play with from the pigments in the palettes, the coverage of the face products, the perfect shades of blush and lippies. I normally go for a full coverage yet natural look but why stay in the box when it’s meant to be stepped out of. I used shade Lagos 240 in Juvia’s place for foundation and shade 15 in the Magic Concealer. I used the Kalahari setting powder to set my face. I used the Bkl Opl Brow Shaper kit for my eyebrows. I used the Contourision Notebook from the Crayon Case to set my contour and apply a subtle highlight to my cheekbones. I used the shade Bella from Juvia’s Place for blush. For the eyes I used The Warrior III palette by Juvia’s Place and added some of the shimmer shades from the Pat McGrath Eye Ecstacy Subversive palette. To finish off the eyes I added lashes from the Crayon Case Purple Pack. I used the Beauty Bakerie Eyelash Icing for my mascara. For lippies I went for a mix with Crayon Case lipstick in Gumbo and Soft Twerk lip gloss over top.


This was an exciting look to do for the blog. It wasn't just about my fave OFRA products but I also got to incorporate some of my favorites from Black-owned brands too! For my look I was excited to use the new Wahala Palette from Juvia's Place, I had a fun look planned and everything. Then everyone started calling me out for wanting to do another green look so I decided to clap back with a purple look. I used both the Juvia's Place Wahala Palette and the Coloured Raine Power Palette on my eyes. For my blush, I used one of the matte mauve shades from the Power eyeshadow palette and the Juvia's Place Tribe Highlighter Vol. 3 highlighter. To finish my look I mixed two lipsticks to get the perfect shade I was looking for which was a Pat McGrath LuxeTrance in the shade Exxotica and a Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle in Spanked. 


When I found out we were doing an all Black-owned beauty makeup look I was ecstatic. Being a POC it has always been a little hard to find shades that match and compliment my skin tone. I used an array of Black-owned products to create this look, which is perfect for a casual day look with a little extra sauce.


To begin I used the BLK/OPL Invisible Oil-Blocking Gel Primer. This was essential since my skin is naturally very oily in my t-zone. After I applied the primer, I went straight in with the BLK/OPL True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation in the shade Truly Topaz with a beauty sponge. This foundation worked great on my skin, did not leave my skin feeling dry and it was very buildable. For a slight contour, I used the BLK/OPL True Color Skin Perfecting Stick Foundation in the shade warm almond which is the next shade up from my foundation. I am not a harsh contour line kind of girl, so using a cream foundation for a shade or two darker than my skin tone has always worked from me. I set my contour area with the shade Briki for the Contoursition Book Palette from The Crayon Case. For blush I used the shade Bella from the Juvia’s Place Afrique Collection, and just as a note; this blush is super pigmented. A little goes a long way. I then highlighted my face using the Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Concealer in the shade J15. I added the concealer to my under eyes and the bridge of my nose and blended it out with a beauty sponge. Now, to set my under eyes I used Juvia’s I Am Magic Setting Powder in the shade Kalahari. For my eyebrows, I used the BLK/OPL Colorsplurge Brow Shaper Kit for the first time and I love it! I used the brow kit in the shade dark.


Now for the EYES! Which is my favorite part of a makeup look, I prepped my eyes with a little bit of the Juvia’s Place concealer. I then grabbed the Nubian 3 Coral Palette from Juvia’s Place, and let me say this… the colors are BEAUTIFUL. I used the lightest coral color as a transition and darkened up the outer corners of my eyes with the brown shade in the palette. I then attempted to do a cut crease using the Juvia’s place concealer and a small angled brush. Once I cleaned up the cut crease (which took me a minute! Lol) I used three of the shimmer shades on my lids from lightest in the inner corner to the darkest in the outer corner. When I thought I was finished, I felt that I needed a little more depth, so I pulled out The Chocolates Palette from Juvia's and used the darker shade on my outer corner and dragged it in just a tad bit to about ¼ of my crease line. I lined my eyes with the BLK/OPL Colorspurge Automatic Eye Lining Pencil in the shade Licorice and right after I applied two coats of the Eyelash Icing Mascara from Beauty Bakerie in the shade black. And last but certainly not least, I added the lashes from the purple Add Lashes Set from The Crayon Case.


I went extra vampy with the lips since it gives a good contrast to the eyes. I used the matte lippie shade, Raven, from The Crayon Case. After I added the color, I felt like a needed a little more shine, so I topped my lips with Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb in the shade Fenty Glow.



For this look, I used a mix of OFRA and some Black-owned beauty brands that I have grown to love and also tried out for the first time! On my eyes, I used 'The Nubian By Juvia's Place,' it's the perfect warm-toned mini palette that stays in my makeup bag at all times! I also used Beauty Bakerie's Mascara. I kept my face pretty simple using the OFRA Americano Bronzer and topped it off with the Seraphina Blush by Juvia's Place as well which has a nice satin finish to it, I think the shade really complimented the eye look :) On the lips, I used the bullet lipstick by Pat Mcgrath in the shade "Shes So Deep" which I just tried for the first time and absolutely love the color and formula!



 Never before having used many of these Black-owned beauty brands, I realized that my beauty routine really lacked vivid colors and general diversity of brands from indie to high street. While I wasn't ready for full color (warm transition shades are my go-to's; give me a break I'm a Taurus ;), I did want something bolder and more intense than I normally go for. I know I've said this before, but seriously. (Phew) I used Juvia's Place The Chocolates Palette. I used the warmest shade all over my lid and then used the deepest brown to deepen the inner and outer crease. In the center of the lid, I packed on the warm brown shimmer. Now, this I have definitely said before, I LOVE BLUSH. So I was not afraid to dip into Bella Blush from Juvia's Place and really add some serious color to my cheeks. For my lips, I used Fenty Beauty's PMS Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick.


I was excited to work on this blog, I want to help bring awareness to such beautiful brands! I started with my eyes because it’s my favorite part of the makeup, so I decided on using two palettes. The Juvia's Place Tribe Palette of which I used the colors Maasai, Tutsi, Koro, Kuba, and san and I topped the inner corner of the lid with Pat McGrath's Eye Ecstasy Eyeshadow Palette Subversive with the gold color. My eyebrows were filled with the BKL OPL COLORSPLURGE™ BROW SHAPER KIT in deep brown

For the face, I used the BLK/OPL TRUE COLOR® Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation in the shade Kalahari Sand mixed with my regular concealer. To give color and shape to my face I added blush from The Crayon Case I used the Watch Me Blush Palette, color Strawberry Cream, and Cranberry. To finish my look I used the color PMS from Fenty Beauty's MATTEMOISELLE PLUSH MATTE LIPSTICK. That’s all, I hope you guys liked my look! And check out these amazing brands they don’t disappoint!



We hope you enjoyed the looks we created today using only Black-Owned beauty brands. Which was your favorite? We would love to hear about how you are helping to support the Black community during these times. For more information on ways you could help, please see the following link.






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