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Gabby & Melanie Switch Makeup Routines!


Today on Facebook Live, team members Gabby and Melanie are up for a new challenge. With completely different makeup styles, these two decided to switch their everyday makeup looks following each other's tips and tricks along the way to try out new techniques and products neither have used before.


Here are Gabby and Melanie rocking their everyday look:



Gabby typically goes for a more natural look with bold feathery brows, glowing skin, a nude/mauve lip and a super simple eye look anyone can achieve.

Her tips & tricks?

  • She usually starts from the middle of the brow, never touching the front using light strokes to fill in with our eyebrow gel and using the skin sculpting wand to shape up underneath the brow only.
  • Opting for a more peachy/orange blush: Gabby’s go to is Mai Tai
  • Gabby uses Mocha and dabs Bel-Air in the center of her lips for some dimension.
  • For that extra dewy skin and to keep her highlight poppin' at all times, she drenches her skin with Makeup Fixer to set everything in place ;)


Melanie’s everyday look consisted of matte skin, lots of blush, long fluttering lashes, winged liner and a bold red lip. A classic look that can be worn all the time. Melanie says this makeup look makes her feel “some type of way” aka a good, confident, boss babe type of way (a red lip will do that to you!).

Her tips & tricks?

  • Melanie pats in some loose translucent powder to set her entire face for a more matte look
  • Blending her blush from her apples right into her under eye, she sweeps the blush up to her temples and across the bridge of the nose for an almost sunburned, sunkissed look.


You'll have to tune in to Facebook Live to see the end result & for even more tips and tricks along the way! There also might be a special appearance and exclusive discount code given just for this live so you def. don't want to miss this one. Check it out here




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