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Get GLITCHY With It: Team Glitch Looks


Hey Wade, what’s the glitch? 📟

With the turn of the decade, we thought it would be fun to make a palette taking us all the way back to the turn of the century. Our NEW Glitch Palette has nine fun shades that bring on the nostalgia of butterfly clips and mood rings. We used our well-loved highlighter liquid-to-baked tech to create all the shades so they go on smooth, pigmented, and of course, beaming!

Our team took the 90’s vibes of this palette and made it 2020. Let’s jump right in and see what looks we created with the Glitch palette.

🎶 On your mark ready set let's go… Gettin' GLITCHY wit it

(Na na na na na na na nana) 🎶

I wanted to do a simple eye look that could be recreated with any shade from the Glitch Palette. For this look, I used Dial-Up all over the lid to create a monochromatic wing (no transition shade necessary or blending!). On the inner corner, I placed Rhinestones for a pop and on just the outer lash line I used Mood Ring. For that added 2000's vibe, I mixed Space Baby and Neptune for the just-right highlight.
I used Easy Bake as a nice pink base color on my lid. I was definitely in a purple mood so I went in with 4Ever on the outer corner of my lid and brought that shade into the middle to try and create a purple smokey eye. I then went in with Rhinestones for my inner corner highlight and then under my brow bone I used the soft gold shade Y2K! I felt like I needed a bit more dimension in the outer corner of my eye to smoke out the shade a bit more so I used Ice Ice Baby which is the grey-toned silver shade and when I packed it on it created the most beautiful shift mixed with the purple shade 4Ever! I then smoked out my lower lash line with 4Ever using a dense brush. To finish off my eyes I used our Black pencil liner on the outer lower lash line and topped it off with our HD Mascara!
I used Arcade in the inner crease and Mood Ring in the outer crease. For the middle of the crease, I used Beeper. In the inner corner of the lid I used Rhinestones, in the middle of the lid Y2k and the outer corner I used 4Ever. For my lashes I used our HD Mascara. For the face, I used Absolute Cover Foundation #4, Acne Treatment Loose Mineral Powder in Colorado to set, Hot Cocoa for highlight and bronzing. For blush, I used New Cheer. And for lips, I used a mixture of Tuscany all over and Monaco in the center of the lips.
For my look using the Glitch palette, I used the shade Dial-up in my crease. I love this deeper blue shade to really spice up a look. Next, I brought Arcade, the beautiful green shade, all over my lid. I then used Y2K to highlight my inner corner. This beautiful, shiny gold made the look pop. This palette takes me on a trip back in time. So much nostalgia in every look I create.
I knew I wanted to play with purple in my look! I started off by lightly applying Beeper into my crease as a transition. I then packed Beeper on the outer corner of my eye to create some definition and to make things a bit more smokey. I wanted to use 4ever but I mixed it with Ice, Ice, Baby to make it a lighter shade of purple. For my lower lash line, I mixed Mood Ring and Easy Bake to get more of a “cotton candy” purple. Of course, I had to use Rhinestones to highlight my brow bone and inner corner. I also mixed Rhinestones and Y2K together to use as my face highlight! One thing that I really enjoy about the Glitch palette is how blendable and mixable these colors are!
I wanted to try something different with some color. I used Dial Up all over, went in with 4ever for my crease, Ice Ice Baby for my lid, and Beeper to deepen my outer crease. These colors blended beautifully and I felt like the look didn't need a wing. I kept this look simple as an on the go look and just paired it with our clear lip gloss and HD Volumizing Mascara.
For this look I used Easy Bake (pink) all over the lid, 4Ever (purple) in the outer corner blended into the crease and Dial-Up (blue) & Beeper (gunmetal) on my lower lashline with a mix of Rhinestones (white) & Y2K (gold) on the brow bone and inner eye corner for highlight. On my lips, I mixed Amsterdam and Staten Island topped with brb gloss! For my face, I used the @valelorenbeauty Palette, HD Volumizing Mascara and Skin Sculpting Wands to conceal.

Are you Beauties ready to take it back to the future with the Glitch Palette? We would love to see your looks, make sure to tag us and use #OFRAGlitch, we’ll be on the lookout! 🧐


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