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Get To Know The OFRA Social Media Team!

Posted on 30 June 2017

 (From L to R: Carine, Kate, Gabby, & Mariel) 

Its National Social Media Day and we’re getting personal with the Social Media team here at OFRA. We’ve asked a few makeup related and non-makeup related questions and we’ve definitely learned a bunch of new things about each other, keep reading if you’re interested to find out more about the team behind OFRA!





"Any type of brow product. I will go days without wearing makeup but I have to have my brows filled in or I literally feel naked haha!!"





 “Brow pencil! I feel like my brows help frame my whole face, so as long as they’re done I feel half way human!”







 “BROWS. As long as your brows are done, I'm pretty sure you can conquer anything.”






 "Mascara: it's my go-to when I want to look more awake, I am NOT a morning person so its def. A must-have for me! Plus, lashes are life!”







"Our Universal Eyebrow Pencil is my favorite OFRA product (and I am going to sneak in another one which is our Santa Ana Liquid Lipstick). But back to our Universal Eyebrow Pencil ;) I literally have 6 pencils ready to go in my purse at all times. That's how much I am obsessed with that product-Hands down I cannot live without it!! My favorite skincare product, this one is easy for me! My fav is our Vitamin C Foaming Cleanser !! I use it every morning and night and so does my husband. It keeps our skin fresh and clear and when we stop using it we BOTH get breakouts!! I don't know what kind of magical formula our chemists created with this cleanser but it keeps my skin SO clear all year long!”





I can always count on my Everglow Highlighter to make me feel like a glowing goddess // Skincare product:  Vitamin C Serum 25% is definitely one of my staples. It really helps even out my hyper-pigmentation, and keeps my skin super moisturized.






"This is a given... our highlighters are bomb!! I can't pick just one! and I'm obsessed with our Peptide Brightening Mask. My skin always feels so fresh and smooth after I use it so it makes for a great base for makeup application. It's my go to before a night out.”






“Our long lasting liquid lipsticks are my fav! It’s hard to pick just one color, but lately I’ve been reaching for Manila a lot! It’s the perfect nude for me. As for skin care, one of my faves is the Vitamin C Foaming Cleanser, prob the product I use the most!”







 "Thick winged eyeliner paired with a bold lip!"






“Highlighting (especially shoulders and collar bone.. love the glowy look!)”






  “Hmmm...this is tricky because there are so many trends I love. But currently I'd say feather brows and glossy lids because it can be worn natural or full glam.”






 “I’m really feeling the monochromatic trend! Super simple and easy to achieve.”







"Nope. I am a Dunkin girl lol! "America (or at least me) truly runs on Dunkin". But if I had to choose a Starbucks drink my go to when I was younger was a green tea frappuccino!"





“Depends if I'm in the mood for tea or coffee! Tea: Venti Iced Green Tea with a pump of Raspberry. Coffee: Grande Iced coffee with coconut milk and 2 splendas”






“Iced Grande Caramel Macchiato, with 3 shots, light ice ALWAYS (because I always have coffee before work and we have a nugget ice machine and that's the best ice ever) skim milk and extra caramel sauce.”





“Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato with Soy Milk. Yum!”










 "Ahhh!!! I have sooo many favorite oldie songs but if I had to choose a song that is current it's definitely a toss up between "Love Me Now" by John Legend or "Stay" by Zedd & Alessia Cara"







 “Wild Thoughts (seriously listened to it 4 times in a row on the way to work last week..)”







“Between Wild Thoughts and Despacito (with Justin Bieber) I don't know which one wins, because it's ALWAYS playing in our office and I can never get it out of my head.. they're pretty catchy.”






“Wild Thoughts by Rihanna is just soo contagious and right on time for summer - plus they sampled Maria, Maria an oldie but goodie. I’m all about the throwbacks!- everyone in the office can vouch for me haha.”











"A bird!! I wish I could fly haha!”






“A turtle”





“Tiger! a baby one, because they're cute.”






“I think it’d be cool to be a Monkey and climb/swing from trees.”








"My mom is actually Ofra herself, and my dad is the VP of the company. But when they first created the OFRA brand my parents also wanted to create a teenage makeup brand called "Carine the Queen" (so embarrassing I know!) But luckily (for me) it never happened and eventually I ended up joining the business after college anyways! Let’s just say I am so glad that I work on spreading brand awareness for OFRA and not a brand named "Carine the Queen" LOL!!”




“I used to play basketball (hard to believe.. but I used to ball it up on the courts!)”






“I was born in Canada :) I'm super mixed and no one can ever guess my ethnicity!”






“I’m an Artist. I have my Bachelors in Fine Arts and I’ve always been the creative type ever since I was little from writing poetry, to singing, to cooking and sewing and just creating art! My preferred medium is painting in acrylic”




 We hope you learned a little about each of us and asked yourself some of these questions too! What were some of your favorites? Is there anything else you guys want to know about us? Comment below and let us know beauties! 











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