Happy National Beauticians Day!

Posted on 27 June 2017


If you didn’t know already, today is National Beautician's Day, and we’re celebrating by learning some skincare tips from Ofra herself! For those of you who don’t already know Ofra, the founder of OFRA Cosmetics is a licensed esthetician with over 30 years of experience in the industry.  She has had salons all over the globe and has worked on thousands of clients. Ofra cultivated all of this experience and started OFRA Cosmetics with her husband, David in 1994. Today, Ofra focuses all of her attention into OFRA Cosmetics but we were lucky enough to see her in action and we learned some valuable tips from her along the way!


To start off, Ofra gave us some some key takeaways during the facial to keep our skin in the best shape:

  1. Prevention is better than cure
  2. Water is Key
  3. NEVER forget the neck


Ofra began the facial by cleansing the face with the Revitalizing Cleanser. This cleanser is formulated with aloe vera and is great at removing makeup, dead skin cells, and excess sebum. Next, Ofra used the Revitalizing Toner to remove any excess dirt and cleanse and balance out the pH of the skin.


Now that Carine’s skin is prepped and ready, Ofra decided to use multiple masks on the face at once. This is called “multi-masking” and it is the best and easiest way to customize your skincare treatments. Carine had a recent breakout on her forehead so Ofra targeted that area using the Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. This mask is packed with Glycolic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and enzymes to help balance the skin and stop future eruptions. Ofra used the Soft Pearl Peel on the rest of the face and neck. Both masks are great at gently removing dead skin and clarifying pores.


While the masks are working their magic, Ofra applied the Eye Firming Gel. Ofra recommends also using eye products on the top of the lip to prevent wrinkles from forming. To enhance Carine’s spa experience and maximize the benefits, Ofra soaked cotton pads with the Beautifying Eye Lotion packed with chamomile and Aloe vera which aids in calming, soothing and reducing dark rings around the eyes, and placed the pads over both eyes.


Ofra then used a professional facial steamer to open the pores and allow the products to penetrate the skin even deeper. Once Carine’s skin was warm and  ready, Ofra massaged the masks into the skin and removed them using clean water. Next, Ofra extracted impurities from the skin. Ofra is a trained esthetician and she stressed the importance of being gentle to the skin. Poor extractions that are done incorrectly can lead to serious bruising and can even worsen a breakout. #NotCute


To speed up the healing process, Ofra uses a high frequency current tool that is specially designed for the skin. The tool helps to disinfect the skin and tighten the appearance of pores.

Ofra used the Vitamin C Serum in Carine’s T-zone which is a great serum for oily and acne prone skin. Followed by the Vitamin A & C Peel Off Mask which is amazing for reducing large pores, controlling oil, and reducing fine lines. She then used the B5 Moisturizing Serum on the rest of the face and neck which is packed with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Followed on top with the Brightening Mask which can help improve skin discoloration and absorbs excess sebum! Ofra used these two serums as “boosters” underneath masks since they are packed with skin loving ingredients that boost the efficacy of the entire facial.


While the masks sink in, Ofra applied the Peptide Activator to the eyes, followed by cotton pads drenched in the Beautifying Eye Lotion. Giving your eye area a little extra TLC is a great way to pamper yourself- not to mention both of these treatments are amazing for your skin keeping the area wrinkle-reduced and youthful!


To wrap up the facial Ofra uses the Perfexion Refresh Firming & Moisturizing Serum to moisturize and firm the skin. She then applied  the Vitamin C Serum once again to Carine’s T-zone. On the areas where Carine tends to break out, Ofra applied the Acne Treatment Cream which is packed with Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid. It is important to keep the skin hydrated so Ofra applied the Oil Free Moisturizer and the Peptide Moisturizer to Carine’s face and neck. And of course we didn’t forget the eyes! Ofra completed the facial using the Peptide Activator on the eyes to prevent future wrinkles!


Whether you’re a licensed esthetician or just a skincare junkie, we hope you learned a thing or two from Ofra! If you want to see just how Ofra did this European facial, feel free to check out the Facebook Livestream here where she talks you through step-by-step.


Products Used:

  1. Revitalizing Cleanser
  2. Vitamin C Foaming Cleanser
  3. Revitalizing Toner
  4. Soft Pearl Peel
  5. Pumpkin Enzyme Peel
  6. Vitamin C Serum
  7. B5 Serum
  8. Vitamin A & C Peel Off Mask
  9. Whitening Mask
  10. Peptide Activator
  11. Beautifying Eye Lotion
  12. Refresh Firming Moisturizer
  13. Acne Cream
  14. Oil Free Moisturizer
  15. Peptide Moisturizer
  16. Peptide Eye Cream

    Ready to treat yourself? What products are you most excited to try? 

    Comment down below and let us know!



    Written by: Rachel Gootenberg

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