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Home? Makeup Tips You Can Practice And Make Perfect

Seems like we'll be home for just a little while longer, so if you need something to do because your WFH routine is getting too routine, here are some makeup tips to perfect before that first night out with friends. I have a full list of restaurants that I can't wait to go out to!

Our girl Shaq has been going LIVE on IG all week with her super informative tips for basic makeup application. Here's a rundown of every tip she has filmed this week with her best advice. 

Day 1- Flawless Foundation

1. Always start with your skin care

Shaq recommends starting your foundation with a foundation. Whether you are going for light or full coverage you should always prep your skin. This way radiance can come through and your foundation can still look natural. 

Use a serum like our Eye Firming Gel to target specific concerns and then layer it with a moisturizer to lock-in moisture, and if it has SPF even better. Vitamin C Cream is the perfect combo of sun protection, brightening, and moisture all-in-one.

2. Primer makes a difference

Do you have any of these foundation mishaps? Foundation doesn't last all day? Foundation moves and slips on your skin? Pores look bigger or more pronounced? 

Shaq says, "Don't skip priming." There are so many primers out there, so really examine what you don't like about your foundation and choose based on one or two needs. Our Absolute Cover Primer is great for concealing pores and making sure your foundation stays in place all day, and our Cool as a Cucumber is great for moisture and mattifying.

3. Brushes make a difference

This step could potentially change your entire routine. It could also make your foundation multi-functional. Use a full coverage foundation? With a dense, flat foundation bush you will achieve your fullest coverage. Want to go for a lighter coverage? Take your same foundation and use a stippling brush, which is much less dense, and will sheer out the coverage and make it perfect for a day time look. 

Shaq loves a combo of our Foundation Brush #8886 to achieve the best coverage and then to blend it, our Perfecting Puff, which is the softest, bounciest sponge EVER.

Day 2- Eyebrows A to Z

1. Pick the right product

Like any other makeup product, what you fill your brows in with is completely your preference. From pomades to pencils, to gels, to shadows, to pens, choose what works best for you. Pencils and shadows are more natural where pomades and gels are great for more full glam looks where brows can tend to disappear.

Going to the pool? Shaq loves our Semi-permanent brow gel in the shade Light Blonde because her brows don't budge even if she gets them wet. 

2. Strokes matter

Depending on how much depth you like your brows to have, it depends on how much pressure you should apply to your tools. 

Shaq's tip for filling in your brows? Start from the bottom of the inside of the brow and draw a line to the top point of your arch. Then with either firm or light pressure fill in the rest of the brow with strokes or complete shading.

3. Pick your shade

Depending on the density of your brow hairs, their color, and how pronounced you want your brows to appear on your face will depend on the shade that you choose. Always go for a shade lighter than your brows so you can build if you have to. If you have dense brows, you may even want to go two shades lighter. 

Day 3 - Classic vs. Cut Crease 

1. Start with highlight

This might seem counterintuitive, but Shaq says you should highlight your brow bone first not last. If you wait until after you complete your eye look, you may wash it out with highlight. If you start with it, Shaq used Translucent Highlighting Powder, then you can complement your look and make sure they are not competing.

2. Go from light to dark for a classic eye

No matter what shades you use, classic browns or bronzes, or if you are feeling bold and bright with pinks and purples like our Galaxy Palette (wink, wink), applying your shades from light to dark will give your eyes the appearance of being more open and lifted. In the outer corner apply the deepest shade, then in the inner third apply the lightest shade, and then in the center of the lid use a medium shade to blend the shades together. 

3. Cut Creases are not hard

If you ever thought a cut crease was hard now is the time to try it and see it can be super simple. The easiest way to create a cut crease? A liquid shadow. Skip the concealing and use something like our Bo$$y Eyes shadows on a dense, flat eyeshadow brush and you'll be done in seconds. Bo$$y Eyes is great because it goes on opaque and doesn't move once it dries, which means you have to work quickly but since you'll be practicing this shouldn't make it prohibitive. Plus its one step instead of two!

Day 4- Ombre Lips 

1. Pick shades that are in the same family

Whether you go with a pink and a red, or red and deep burgundy, or a nude and a brown, Shaq recommends that they belong to the same tonal family. So keep it warm, cool, or neutral when you are choosing your dark and light shades for this lip look. 

2. Application is everything

Never known what to use a lip brush for? Me either. According to Shaq going from using the wand to line the lips with your deepest shade to using a lip brush for the lighter shade is the right move. With the lip brush, you can blend the deep and light shade together so you can avoid that 90's lip look that Carmen Electra used to rock. If you don't know who that is, there's no time like the present to go on a Google deep dive! One more tip: Skip the lip-smacking until the shades are almost dry.  

Beauties, I hope you enjoyed these tips from Shaq. I know I'll be using her brow tip and classic shadow application all weekend long! Comment down below any tips you'd like to see from us or tips that you'd like to share. Also, don't forget to tag us in any looks you try with the hashtag #OFRAbeauties on Instagram. 


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