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5 Steps to the Perfect Home Spa Day for Mom

Mom's (and Dad's) have even more jobs than ever now that their kids are home and won't be going back to school for the rest of the year. Mom's are now full-time teachers and coaches as well as entertainment, chefs, and cleaners. Mother's Day needs a whole new level of celebration in 2020. Whether you are home with Mom or want to send her a package so she can do some self-care, here is 5-step routine that will let Mom's relax and enjoy their day!

Step 1: Set up the ambiance

If you are lucky enough to be with your Mom before you start this simple routine set up the ambiance of a real spa, otherwise you can send these mood-changing basics along in your care package. Light an aromatic candle, turn on some chill music from your phone and make a refreshing water. We've linked a recipe for one Mom is sure to love here. Make sure to set aside at least an hour for the full experience.

Step 2: Cleanse & Exfoliate

Let's keep this routine nice and tidy, we don't want Mom to clean up too big of a mess when we are done. So instead of a traditional soapy cleanser, use micellar water with cotton pads like our Talia Mar West End Vitamin C Micellar Water. This easy to use cleanser removes build-up, without a scent and a dose of Vitamin C that clears dark spots that Mom might not be so fond of. Don't forget to cleanse Mom's neck, shoulders, and even her hands. Mom will be really impressed if you make sure to treat more than just her face. 

The next step is to open up the pores of the face with some exfoliation. You can go DIY for this step. Just mix any oil such as Jojoba with granulated sugar and gently scrub it into Mom's skin for several minutes. Not a DIY-er?  Our Radiance Face & Body Scrub is a fine exfoliator and won't be too aggressive on her skin.

Step 3: Mask

Mom will be ready for a nap once you reach this step. Pre spa day you can ask Mom about any skin issues that come up for her to cater this step to her skin. Or you can go with a skin saver for all types like our Revitalizing Clay Mask. This clay mask won't become tight on Mom's skin but will draw out impurities and nourish at the same time. Leave this mask on for up to 20 minutes.

Step 4: Massage

While Mom has the mask on it's time to massage her shoulders and arms. With a massage oil or our a cream like our Hydra Nourishing Cream, gently rub her shoulders and arms in circular motions. Don't worry about applying too much pressure, this routine is all about relaxation. If you're not a good massage therapist, clean, file, and buff Mom's nails instead. (You can also just add this to your routine because she will love it!) After you complete the massage, dampen and towel and remove the Mask from her face. Hope you didn't forget to apply it to her neck!


Step 5: Moisturizer & Meditation 

The last step is to add moisture back to her skin with a serum or a moisturizer, or both! Use our Collagen Serum to boost anti-aging collagen production and then follow up with either our Peptide Moisturizer or Vitamin C Cream if it's still day time. Then go to YouTube and turn on a 10 or 20 meditation video for Mom and just let her relax. If she's not into meditation, leave the music on and let her take that nap that she always needs but never gets to take! 

Hope everyone enjoys their Mother's Day, whether you are together or together apart. Let us know how it goes in the comments below or any other great tips for pampering Moms or yourself too!



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